Monday, 28 February 2011

Cherry Loaf Cake

Recipe Number Three:  Page 312.

It was getting rather late by the time I got myself ready to start baking. My little boy was in bed, I then got distracted by other things and I could hear the Top Gear music in the next room by the time I got started, which meant it was 8pm!! I chose to make Cherry Loaf Cake as I have a love for glacé cherries; I add them to as many recipes as possible. Also, the word loaf makes it sound moreish and comforting for some reason. To start, I had to grease my loaf tin. I was proud of myself for remembering to leave the butter out of the fridge this time, so it was nice and soft. However, when I picked up the scissors to cut my baking paper, due to my buttery fingers, I dropped them on the floor and now they are just a tiny bit broken, whoops!!

I was disappointed to read that the first task after lining my loaf tin was to wash and dry the glacé cherries. I almost disobeyed the instructions as I personally love them to remain all sugary and sticky. After slapping myself on the wrist, I carried on and did as I was told!! So, begrudgingly, I washed the now quartered cherries (this is a boring job) and patted them dry. Mary Berry states that by washing and drying the cherries first, it stops them from sinking to the bottom of the cake.

The rest of the recipe was very easy to follow; simply put all the other ingredients into a bowl and give them a good beating. The only troublemaker was the lemon. I needed to add finely grated lemon rind; most of the rind stuck itself onto the grater, so I spent ages picking it off. On the plus side I ended up smelling all lovely and lemony! After last week’s failure to summon up enough elbow grease to hand whisk adequately, I used my spanking new shiny mixer! This made it all the easier. After I had let the machine take the strain, I folded in my cherries and then popped the cake mix into the tin and straight into the oven, easy! That is, apart from it not being cooked through after the suggested time. It was still gooey in the middle, so I had to put foil over the top of the cake and put it back for another 20 mins. Even with the foil, it still got burnt around the edges. And as you can see from the picture, the cherries still sank, so I don't think I will bother washing them next time. I never normally do and they don't behave any differently. The cake tasted nice and lemony and I could just taste a hint of almond. The texture was nice and moist, but due to it being a bit scorched, a little crunchy around the edges!
A sinking feeling!


  1. You need to get a lemon zester - a fab piece of equipment if you are a baker!

  2. I have got a lemon zester, but the zest always comes off in really big pieces! The recipe said finely grated. So didn't want to have big pieces of zest in my cake!! I do think I need to buy a new zester though! :-)