Monday, 28 February 2011

Double Chocolate Cookies

Recipe Number Four: Page 201.

Now, I had a feeling making these was a mistake. I cannot resist chocolate! Like most women, I find it utterly irresistible. To say I live to consume chocolate might be a bit of an exaggeration, but not by much! Neil is horrified that at Christmas and birthdays I happily sit up in bed gorging myself with chocolates – BEFORE breakfast, shocking!!

I had to melt some plain chocolate first of all, I was quite distraught to see that the amount needed was exactly the same quantity as the bar of chocolate I had. I have to admit, I was hoping to be able to have a few squares spare to nibble on, as a cook’s perk. It was quite hard work breaking the bar of chocolate into squares, it was rock hard and was quite painful on my poor hands, but I struggled on regardless.

I have never used condensed milk in cookies. I am not a big lover of condensed milk; even I find it too sickly sweet. As I stirred it into the melted chocolate mix, I could almost feel my teeth and jaw aching with the thought of all the sugar these cookies contain. Would we eat as much naughty food if we made it ourselves? It’s shocking to see what goes into things to make them nice!! Anyway, moving on, self raising flour was next, and in went the chocolate buttons too. Buying a big bag of giant chocolate buttons was a fatal error. I only needed about half of the bag, so I ended up picking at the rest. I had to give them to Neil to hide from me in the end! The very chocolaty mixture was put into the fridge to set. I sat down for a little break for 15 mins. Top Gear had by this time finished!

When I took the bowl of artery clogging mix back out of the fridge, I found it quite hard to stir as it had set into a stiff cakey dough. Mary Berry says to place large spoonfuls onto greased baking trays. I didn't know how large that might be in her eyes. I therefore used heaped dessert spoonfuls. Mary Berry's idea of large must in fact be teaspoonfuls as there was no way I was going to even make 20 let alone the recommended 36! I had some huge ones and some really small ones and still only managed 30, which was probably a good thing. She stresses the importance of not overcooking them. As my huge cookies had spread so much, they had become quite thin, so they were not as chewy as I would have liked. The smaller ones, however, did seem to hold their shape and are definitely chewier. They are a little addictive; I ate three before bed, this was a mistake as I felt very full and could hardly lie down for some time!!  

Next weekend we are having friends over for afternoon tea.  To see what I plan to bake in advance, take a look at - Rising To The Berry Facebook Page.  Thank you for you support :-)

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