Monday, 21 February 2011

Swiss Roll

Recipe Number Two:  Page 45.

I decided to make this after the scones as the list of ingredients was short and simple and also used up some more eggs! First of all, I had to whisk the eggs and sugar together until they were frothy and a trail followed when I took the whisk out. I decided to use a balloon whisk rather than my electric hand mixer. It just seemed like more bother to get it out and put it together! So, after about 30 seconds of vigorous whisking my arm was killing me. I tried swapping hands, but discovered that I have no coordination when using my left arm. I therefore went back to the right and tried holding the bowl in different positions but that, of course, made little difference. After about two minutes of being very uncomfortable, my mixture was nice and frothy and was beginning to get a trail. I'd had enough so, using up what little energy I had left, I gave it a few more energetic whisks and admitted defeat.

Next, I tipped some sifted self raising flour into the egg and sugar, gently folding everything together. The combined mixture looked awful, runny with clumps of flour, a curdled mess! So I got my balloon whisk and gave it another, this time gentle, whisk, to get rid of most of the huge lumps. I got my lined baking tray, which I had prepared earlier, poured the gloopy mess into the tray and then tilted the tray to make sure all of the mixture reached each corner and was even. In the oven it went. About 10 minutes cooking time was suggested. After 15 minutes I took mine out, as it wasn't cooking evenly. I had used a cheap baking tray (Mary Berry advises against this earlier in her book) and it had bowed in the oven, the mixture had one thick side and one thin. The thin edge was burnt. After I inverted the sponge out of tray, I peeled the baking paper off the bottom of the sponge and trimmed its edges as instructed. That at least got rid of the burnt edge! I left it to cool for a few minutes before spreading on some jam and rolling up the cake. I could see that the sponge just didn't look right; it had not risen and it didn't look appetising at all. Neil and I gamely tried a bit anyway! We both agreed it tasted eggy and the texture was chewy. Neil said it just didn't taste cooked. This cake wasn't taken in for his workmates to taste! To be honest it will probably get thrown away, or we could possibly have it with custard to mask the taste!
Tastes like it looks!

The recipe must be right. I think that, had I bothered to get the electric hand whisk out, it would have put more air into the cake, given it a better rise and texture, and probably would have resulted in a lighter sponge. I should have used a heavier baking tray, then it would have cooked evenly. I will be revisiting Swiss Rolls later, deep joy! I shall make those changes and expect a much more successful outcome.

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Variation:  Strawberry Swiss Roll

If you read through the above post you will see that my first attempt at a Swiss Roll was pretty dismal!! I have since learned that when whisking the eggs and sugar you really do need to use an electric whisk and whisk for a good few minutes.

On this attempt things clicked into place and I ended up with a fluffy well risen sponge. What a relief!

The only variation to the original recipe is the filling. I was to fill this Swiss roll with whipped double cream and chopped strawberries. Whole raspberries could of been used if preferred. I was lucky to be left with any strawberries as Isaac broke into the packet on the way home and proceeded to eat them! I thought the amount of whipped cream to be a bit excessive. A lot squidged out as I rolled up the sponge!

This is a lovely dessert but it is very sickly due to the large amount of cream. I had to scrape some of mine off!

Recipe Variation: Coffee Swiss Roll

I've been looking forward to making this variation for some time. I never gave coffee cakes much thought before this challenge but now I adore them! 

I stuck to the original Swiss roll recipe. The variation was all to do with the filling. I needed to make a coffee butter cream to fill the cooled cake. I was soon longing to simply spread on a layer of jam; butter cream equals mess! After chocking on a cloud of sifted icing sugar I could combine it with the softened butter along with tiny quantities of coffee essence and water. To make sure the butter cream was suitably light and fluffy I whisked for perhaps longer than necessary. 

When I came to spread the butter cream onto the sponge, I realised that the top layer of sponge had stuck to the piece of greaseproof paper; it was now as bold as a goose!!

The Swiss roll was delicious and I loved the coffee butter cream but there was perhaps too much of it. It was a little sickly but I still went back for a second helping!! 
My anaemic Coffee Swiss Rolli


  1. Hi the best tin for swiss roll is the lakeland one xxx all their bakng tins are of the best quality and are on a three for two offer at the mo xx

  2. Hi, thanks for letting me know, a great excuse to shop at Lakeland! I do need some better quality tins. xx

  3. Inspire swiss roll tin - turned out great first time. :)