Monday, 21 March 2011

Bishop's Fingers

Recipe Number Thirteen: Page 232.

I have absolutely no idea why these are called Bishop's Fingers. To me they are just a shortbread! But not just any ordinary shortbread - these have semolina and ground almonds in them. I was told to use a shallow 7 inch square cake tin, this I do not own. I am too mean to go and buy one if I have a particularly good 8 inch square tin! So I thought I would just leave a gap down one side of the tin, knowing this edge would end up getting a bit singed!

The butter had been left out of the fridge for the Lemon Drizzle Traybake, so by now was well and truly softened. However, in the list of ingredients, it does not need to be softened, typical! As the butter was so soft I was a bit naughty and shoved it in the freezer for a few minutes! It worked and now I could cut the butter to weigh it instead of using a spoon. I added the butter and sugar to the dry ingredients and worked it all together with my fingertips. It only took a minute or two before the mixture started to bind. It was soon a smooth dough. This meant that I could easily press it into my inadequate tin! Flaked almonds are sprinkled over the top, which really makes it look quite pretty. Once cooked for half an hour, it should be a very pale golden brown. I would say mine was a medium golden brown. Thankfully, I had to sprinkle sugar over the hot shortbread so this made it appear a little more anaemic!

After the shortbread is completely cold, it can be removed from the tin. The tin worked fine, it was a tiny bit scorched down the one side, but I just cut that part off. I should have made twelve fingers of shortbread but only managed nine. Once cold, I forced myself to have a bite. It is very moreish and has a bit of a crunch due to the semolina. I am pleased with it, but for only nine fingers I am not sure it was really worth the effort. However, the flavour of the almond really is good, so I might be persuaded to try it again!

Who knew that Bishop's fingers could be so yummy?!

So, after HAVING to try the shortbread along with the drizzle cake and eating nearly half of a Crown Loaf I did feel rather ill. I can't believe that Neil managed to eat, along with the bread, two large slices of lemon drizzle, plus two Bishop's Fingers and then say he didn't feel full!! He took some samples of each in to work today and apparently they haven't lasted long. Good, that means I can't eat them! Well, apart from a few bites with a cuppa this afternoon, shhhhh!!


  1. I can't believe that you can't believe that Neil can eat all that. He is a gannet in the office and anything anyone brings in gets snaffled very quickly! :)

    I'm most disappointed you've chosen the busiest two months in my calendar to be doing this challenge... I feel most neglected and I believe commiserating rock cakes wouldn't go amis upon my return...

    Keep up the good work!

  2. I see. So the man who comes home and doesn't fancy chocolate etc... is actually stuffing his face at work!

    I am also disappointed that you are missing my baking efforts. I am distraugt that my chief taste tester has abandoned the challenge so soon!!! But rest assured, there are plenty more recipes yet to come!!

    I'll see what I can do about the rock cakes :-)

  3. this made me laugh out loud - when i bake i can't resist trying a bit no matter how full i am! Working my way through all your posts from the verry beginning!