Monday, 14 March 2011

Cheese Straws

Recipe Number Eight: Page 211.

It was my lovely Mum’s birthday on Sunday, so this seemed a perfect excuse to make some more cakes. We thought it might be a good idea to do something savoury to mop up all the sugar of the birthday cake, etc. Mum has always enjoyed cheese straws so it seemed a good enough reason to make some. 

After mixing the flour, butter and cheese together, I had to add in most of an egg yolk, reserving a tiny amount for the glaze. All the ingredients bonded really well together and formed a firm dough. It wasn’t sticky, so I didn’t get in a mess with it! The dough needed to go in the fridge for half an hour so that it would be easier to roll and cut.

My mother is not a baker; she makes lovely meals, but is not a lover of cake making, etc. So, when I called out to ask where the rolling pin was, I was not surprised to get the response, “We don’t have one!” To be fair, when I moved out of the family home some five years ago, I took it with me. I had thought, however, that it might have been replaced by now! So, a glass milk bottle was washed up and I made do with that! It did the job just fine, but was a little awkward. I had to cut the rolled dough into thin strips and place on greased baking trays and glaze with the remainder of the egg yolk. Mum was washing up a few odds and ends (which she shouldn’t have been doing on her birthday). She picked up the glass with the tiny bit of egg yolk and put it in the washing up! I could see her doing it but couldn’t get my words out quick enough. So, my bit of egg was no more. Mum said she thought it was orange juice!!! Thankfully we had another egg, so it wasn’t a problem. I dotted on the egg yolk with my fingers, then sprinkled on the smelly Parmesan and put it in the oven for ten or so minutes. 

Mary Berry says that, once out of the oven, to lift the cheese straws off the baking trays and cool on a wire rack. So as soon as the little strips of cheesiness came out of the oven I picked one off the tray only for it to break into three pieces. I tried another, it just broke in two. I decided to leave the rest for a minute or two and then try again. They came off easily! 

I was pleased with the cheese straws; they tasted nice and cheesy and were very light. They went very quickly; you just couldn’t stop picking at them!

Mmmmmm cheesy!

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