Monday, 28 March 2011

Chocolate Chip American Muffins

Recipe Number Sixteen: Page 126.

I have never made a decent muffin. This is a real shame as I adore them, they just don't like me! I always find they stick to the paper case and are chewy. For these reasons I haven't ventured near a muffin recipe for some years. Time now for another go!

As I had left the butter out whilst I made the gingerbread men, it was nice and soft. So, it was a lot easier for me to work it into the flour. I was surprised by how little sugar was added; it seemed such a small amount compared to other cake recipes. However, as I added the chocolate chips, I pondered whether it might require less sugar as the recipe calls for quite a lot of chocolate chips. I was greedily pleased to see that I had a handful of chocolate chips left over, nibble nibble! The wet ingredients were mixed separately and then poured in with the dry mixture. Mary Berry says to mix quickly with a wooden spoon. I tried, but I have a deep bowl and it was hard to combine the flour, so I ended up mixing more than I knew I should. Thankfully the finished mixture should look lumpy, which was a good thing as mine was lumpy galore!

Now the bit I didn't really expect to be fiddly was putting the lumpy mixture into the paper cases. The cases were sitting, waiting patiently inside a muffin tin; what could go wrong? Well, the mix was so runny as I tried to spoon it into the cases, it dripped everywhere. It dripped down the outside of the cases and I lost some on the worktop. I got quite frustrated and muttered a lot under my breath! When I eventually got the stubborn muffin batter into the cases, in the oven they went. 
A tad burnt, whoops!!!

In Mary Berry's introduction of this recipe she says that they are large and impressive muffins. Hmmmm, mine were not. They didn't rise very much at all and were a little scorched. I took them out of the oven and felt very disappointed. I hoped they would taste nice to make up for it. When they had cooled I went to peel the paper away from a muffin, to give the all important taste test. I was most aggrieved to see that the paper had welded itself to the side of the muffin. When I pulled at the paper it took large pieces of muffin with it. All the chocolate chips had sunk to the bottom and the muffin had welded itself the bottom of the case as well. When tasted, they had a reasonable flavour, but were quite stodgy. I think the cake batter was over mixed. When Mary Berry says mix quickly she means it, just a few stirs are perhaps required! I was upset I'd been beaten again, my muffin curse reigns on! I shall have other muffin recipes to try, with a little less mixing and perhaps without the paper cases I may get a success story!! 
The chocolate chips sank to the bottom.
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  1. Hope your next muffins turn out well. I think you were a bit hard on yourself. They looked alright to me. I would gladly eat one (or two) with a cuppa. Practice makes perfect though, and I guess you have a few more muffins to practice on!!

  2. Thank you Amanda for your kind words. I am just a bit cheesed that I have yet to make a decent muffin!! I do indeed have a few more to try. I am thinking I might not use paper cases next time. Wish me luck and thanks for your support. :-)

  3. I have just had exactly the same results. I blamed the fact I was using a shallow "bun" tin and not a deep muffin tin. Very disappointing!
    I shall have another go, no doubt, one day. I don't have much luck with cupcakes either! :(

  4. I found these tasted really just not like muffins I knew! xx

  5. Try this really easy recipe - double chocolate chip - made with oil not butter, which I find easier. I also used green and blacks cocoa.