Monday, 21 March 2011

Lemon Drizzle Traybake

Recipe Number Twelve: Page 181.

Yes, something lemony again! I was thinking most people like cakes and bakes with a lemon flavour. But would you enjoy actually eating a lemon?!!!! Well, maybe as long as it is covered in sugar to take the sourness away. If you make a lemon drizzle cake then be warned that the likely outcome is that you will be begged to make it again and again! I don't know anyone who doesn't like a lemon drizzle.

Although I have made lots of lemon drizzle loaf cakes, I haven't made this recipe before. I nearly had an early disaster by not measuring out the right amount of flour. Thank goodness I noticed in time or it would have been a bit runny to say the least! Mary Berry is well known for her all-in-one cakes. They are so easy as you just measure all the ingredients out, put them all into a bowl and mix, job done! So the only real hardship was having to grate the rind off two lemons. She says the rind has to be finely grated. Most of the rind got stuck in the holes of the grater. I spent an age picking it all out. Washing up the grater wasn't the best job either! However, other than that tedious job, it took only a couple of minutes to get the mixture in the tin and into the oven.

The cake was a little too golden after it had been in the oven for the allotted time. Also, in the middle of the cake, a few tiny little 'bubbles' had appeared on the surface. If anyone knows why that happens please let me know! I let it cool a little on a wire rack whilst I made the crunchy topping. I decided to use the bottom of the cake as the top so the little 'bubbles' couldn't be seen.

The crunchy topping is also easy peasy, lemon squeezy, sorry! Lots and lots of sugar and the juice of the two lemons I had 'shaved' earlier. When spooned onto the cake, the lemon juice sinks into the cake and the sugar settles on the top. As I was so full of bread I just had a mouthful, OK, maybe two! The cake is very moist and the sugar and lemon topping is indeed crunchy! I could feel the topping almost stick to the roof of my mouth and had an almost immediate desire to clean my teeth! You've got to love a lemon drizzle, yum!!
If you like lemon and sugar then a lemon drizzle is the one for you!

Recipe Variation: Poppy Seed Lemon Drizzle

Simply adding poppy seeds doesn't seem like much of a variation but it did give me an excuse to make another lemon drizzle! Everything is kept the same as before. I just had to add 25g of poppy seeds before whisking. Easy!

The cake tasted very lemony, so no surprises there. The flavour of the poppy seeds gave a slight after taste that is difficult to explain. It wasn't unpleasant but I found it a little off putting. The lemons I used were particulary sour so our tastes buds were put into overdrive!!

All in all a delicious cake but the poppy seeds might take a bit of getting used to.
Speckled cake!

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