Sunday, 24 April 2011

Anzac Biscuits

Recipe Number Twenty Eight:  Page 225.

Over ten years ago Neil travelled around New Zealand and Australia and made some great friends along the way. I am often told stories of his great adventure and almost feel as though I was there with them all! I looked up when Anzac Day is this year and found out it is on Monday 25th April. As New Zealand and Australia are a day ahead I am making them on the 24th! These were made with Neil and his friends in mind.

Getting back to the biscuits! First of all I had to melt my softened butter. I thought it a bit odd that I had to melt my softened butter; what is the point of it being soft if you are going to melt it anyway?!  I was delighted to see that I only needed a tablespoon of golden syrup. This made it easier to measure. My mum had the amount of granulated sugar which I required, but it was of the 'light' variety. I don't know why they bother getting 'light' sugar after all the cake they have consumed this weekend! When I came to adding it to my saucepan of melting butter I found it didn't dissolve very easily. I wonder if that was due to it having sweeteners in it.  As I had only made flapjacks last week I could see the similarities between the two. However, the Anzac biscuits have less butter and syrup and contain flour, unlike the flapjacks. The last two things to be added to the saucepan were the desiccated coconut and oats. I was most pleased to see that I didn't need any other bowls to make these biscuits, this means less washing up, huge bonus!

I placed heaped teaspoonfuls of mixture onto my greased trays. I had to make them in batches as what seemed like a relatively small amount of mixture went a long way. I never managed to make 45 biscuits out of it as Mary Berry suggests, just 33! The biscuits spread out quickly in the oven and were very thin. Once cooked they reminded me of the Florentines I made a few weeks ago. If I were patient and left the biscuits to cool for a few minutes then they came off the trays easily. 

The biscuits turned out to be very crunchy and hard. They tasted buttery and had a subtle taste of coconut. They are nothing like the Anzac biscuits Neil has made in the past, which were more like a chewy flapjack. He adds bicarbonate of soda; I think that makes the difference. I personally prefer the chew of Neil's Anzac biscuits to the crunch of mine. However, that is just my personal preference! They are being snaffled very quickly at my parents' house and I have been told they are very moreish. Neil has eaten most of them!
Lots of Anzac biscuits!
Happy Easter to you all. I hope you are enjoying a lovely long weekend. A happy Anzac Day to all New Zealanders and Australians; I hope you are enjoying your tasty biscuits! 

Thank you very much to everyone who is taking the time to read my blog. I hope you are enjoying my ramblings! Please check out my Facebook page for regular updates and find out in advance what I shall be making.

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