Monday, 4 April 2011

Banoffi Pie

Recipe Number 19:  Page 349.

I have had Banoffi pie type desserts before, but never the real thing. The reason I decided on making it was due to the fact that we had guests to help us eat it! Glancing down the list of ingredients, the first word that sprang to mind was heart-attack! I felt it only fair that we should share out some of the cholesterol.

The first thing I had to do was crush up some ginger biscuits in a bag. Thankfully, we own a rolling pin, so I didn't have to use a pair of scissors like I did for the cheesecake I made several weeks ago! Ginger biscuits are stubborn little things, really difficult to break up, so there were a few lumps amongst the crumble. As with a cheesecake, the crumbs are mixed with melted butter and pressed into a tin. For this Banoffi pie I needed a 9 inch deep, loose-bottomed fluted flan tin, a lot to ask for out of a tin! Flicking through Mary Berry's Baking Bible I can't believe the variety of tins and tin sizes I am required to use. I shall have to see if I can borrow some, otherwise this challenge is going to cost a fortune!

Nothing is mentioned about leaving the base to set, so I cracked on with the toffee filling. I have already warned you this is not a low fat dessert and not something to eat if you are in need of losing a few pounds. I was alarmed when I saw that I needed TWO cans of condensed milk along with butter and sugar! I heated the sickly mixture in a saucepan over a low heat. Mary Berry says to stir continuously with a flat-ended spoon (never knew such a thing existed) until the mixture thickens, but to be careful as it burns easily. It took longer than the suggested five minutes for my toffee to thicken, but yes, it did burn onto the pan, deep joy! I promise I stirred the whole time and for once did not get distracted. Little black pieces were merrily dancing on top of the simmering mixture. Typical, I thought! I decided to sieve the toffee into the biscuit base; it worked and got rid of the burnt lumps, phew! I made the mistake of dipping my finger into the left over toffee in the pan, ooowwwww, my goodness did it hurt! I shouldn't have let my greediness get the better of me and left it to cool; I'm not even a big fan of condensed milk anyway! I left it to set before I whipped up the double cream. Yes, I did say double cream! I took a step back and looked with horror at the state of the kitchen. Melted chocolate smeared the worktop, a sink of dirty washing up water, saucepan filled with congealed toffee, a bowl with the remains of my carrot cake icing. At this point, my long suffering husband appeared. He selflessly licked out several bowls, started washing up and then made sandwiches for tea. I am truly blessed!

The last job which remained was to whip the double cream. Thank goodness for an electric whisk. It would have taken forever without one. Once the cream held its shape, I piled it onto the half made Banoffi pie. I cut up a banana and dipped the slices in lemon juice. A great tip from Mary Berry, the lemon stops the banana from discolouring. The slices were put on top as decoration. I used a bit of the chocolate that I had left over from making the Florentines; yes I had resisted eating it, and grated it over the top, pretty!

My goodness, this pie was rich - definitely not one for the faint hearted! It was enjoyed, but I think we all wished we had taken a smaller slice! I would only advise making this if you have enough people with whom to share it!! Neil took some leftovers to work today; it seems to be the favourite!

Hard not to be tempted!

I had a lovely day baking, but it did take over four hours and my legs were tired. Perhaps all the standing up whilst cooking, will have burnt off all the thousands of calories I consumed.

I enjoyed my first Mother's Day doing what I do best - eating! 

I also want to say a big thank you to everyone who has 'liked' my Facebook Page Rising To The Berry and I can't believe how many people looked at this blog last week!  Thanks so much :-)


  1. Congratulations, I'm sure there is a connection between the amount of calories in this and my enjoying it the most out of all the desserts you've made so far. It was very, very good: especially the base which was just lovely. You could sell this!

  2. Thank you Dan, I am glad you enjoyed it :-) Due to the addition of the banana, I reckon this could almost be classed as being healthy?

  3. Neil confirmed it is two of my five a day: the banana and the lemon (juice)...

  4. I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying reading your blog and the updates to your FB page. I only discovered them recently but throughly enjoyed reading through all that you have done so far. You have set yourself quite a big challenge but one that must be very enjoyable too! You have inspired me to try some new recipes instead of sticking to the "tried and tested" ones I always use, so I'm off to have a rummage through all those un-used cook books on my kitchen shelf....

  5. Thanks so much Louise :-) What lovely things to say! I am so pleased you are enjoying my blog and FB page, makes it so much more worth while if I know someone is reading it and enjoying it. I am even more delighted to hear that I have inspired you to try some new recipes and un-used books, how lovely. Good for you, enjoy trying out some long forgotten recipes! :-)

  6. Your banoffee pie sounds devine. Def one to make as a party piece. What an excuse to have people round. Thanks for the lemon on banana tip, my bananas would have gone brown had I not read your blog!!

  7. Yes, it's a great excuse to have people around ;-) I didn't know about the lemon juice either, good old Mary Berry!