Monday, 11 April 2011

Classic Sticky Gingerbread

Recipe Number Twenty:  Page 82.

If felt odd baking gingerbread on a sunny afternoon. I imagine eating it in front of the fire, tea in one hand; sticky gingerbread in the other.

I started by adding butter and sugar to a saucepan, letting them melt whilst I got in a mess with golden syrup and black treacle, both having escaped down the sides of their tins. When we see an army of ants marching towards our kitchen cupboards, I'll know why!

Whilst the butter and sugar mixture cooled, I put flour into a mixing bowl and measured in the ground ginger; four teaspoons seemed a lot! I beat together the milk and eggs in a separate bowl and added it together with the melted mixture to the flour. The combined ingredients came close to the top of my large mixing bowl and I feared it might overflow as I beat it all together. Next to pour the dark, sweet smelling mixture into my prepared traybake and into the oven it went.

The oven was on a low temperature, a blessing on a hot day! 50 minutes later, out came my gingery cake. I was surprised it was light brown as it had quite a lot of black treacle in it. As I inverted the cake onto a wire rack, it almost bounced out of the tin. Such was its hurry a corner fell off; therefore it had to be eaten! I gave some to my husband Neil, who couldn't taste the ginger, only the treacle. Obviously for some four teaspoons of ginger is not enough! I wish I had turned the cake over to cool as the top is the sticky side and it stuck fast to the wire rack. It was almost impossible to pick a piece up without peeling off the top of the cake, most annoying!

The cake was incredibly light and moist. The next morning it tasted much more gingery! It definitely improves with keeping, if you can resist it!

Now that's what I call sticky gingerbread!

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