Thursday, 28 April 2011

Tarte Tatin

Recipe Number Twenty Nine:  Page 263.

The baking bug must well and truly have hit me over the Easter weekend. On our last day visiting my family I decided to fatten them up with another recipe, this time with an apple and pastry delight. In my mind I felt this tarte tatin was a low fat option. It contains lots of apples, which make you feel very virtuous, and only a thin piece of pastry. I reckon it contains less than half the fat of an apple pie.

I had mentioned to Mum earlier that I might make this and, as she loves anything remotely appley, she kindly went and purchased some nine inch sandwich tins which Mary Berry said I would need.

I started the recipe rather late and was feeling tired but it looked such a simple recipe I didn't feel too daunted. I started off by making the pastry. I only needed a tablespoon of icing sugar to sweeten the pastry and not much butter either. This confirmed to me that it was a low fat dessert. It was a very simple and easy pastry to make and, as a bonus, not sticky. I wrapped my soft pastry in some cling film and then popped it into the fridge for half an hour.

I preheated the oven and then started work on the laborious task of peeling and coring six apples - yawn! I have to admit that I didn't take much care cutting the apples into neat slices! I went to get my lemon and then realised I had forgotten to add it to my list. It was late and Easter Monday so the shop would be shut. I found a squeezy lemon in the kitchen cupboard so squirted that over the apple slices instead. Not the same, I know, but better than nothing!

I melted some more butter in a saucepan; ah, the fat is beginning to mount up a bit! Next, I added some Demerara sugar. Once melted, I could pour them into a sandwich tin. I measured the tin just to check I had picked up the new one. It was just 8 inches. Mum had a search and it was the tin she had just bought. She was so indignant that the tin had been labelled incorrectly! We found a nine inch spring form tin and in the end I decided to use that as it was the right size.

I poured the melted butter and sugar into the said cake tin and placed the slices of apples on top. I took the chilled pastry out of the fridge and rolled it out on the worktop. It was easy to work with, but the circle of pastry turned out to be a little thinner than I would have expected. This was placed on top of the apples. I trimmed off the excess and into the oven it went.

While it was cooking, I went to annoy, ahem, I mean talk to Neil who was busy drawing. I think he was glad when I noticed the smell of burning and had to scurry off to investigate!! The kitchen was full of smoke, argh!! Mum and I looked inside the oven and saw that all the butter, sugar and apple juice was frantically dripping out of the cake tin base and onto the tray that fortunately was underneath catching the syrupy drips. I opened the oven door and even more smoke came out. Of course it set off the smoke alarm. Mum opened windows while Neil and I stood under the alarm manically fanning books to try to clear the smoke. Our little boy somehow managed to sleep through all the commotion!

Anyway, I managed to cook the tarte tatin and it did look edible. Sadly the juices had all dripped out of the tin, so we did not have syrupy caramel on top of the apples as Mary Berry suggests. I very much wish I had just used the eight inch tin; it really wouldn't have made any difference at all. I should have realised that using a spring form tin was a bad idea, as it would be bound to leak. Oh well, hindsight is a wonderful thing! I shall know another time.
Shame it was missing the syrupy caramel!
We ate the dessert with custard and it was very nice, even without the caramel syrup. Mum said it was her favourite. It did taste like a lighter version of apple pie. I would certainly make this again, but in the correct tin!

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  1. Hi Anneliese,
    Unknown of your site, we (there are 3 of us) started baking from MB bible this year after baking through Nigella's How to be a domestic Goddess last year. All in dutch.
    I just made the taste tat in and had the same disaster as you had...a smoking oven...I also found the dough not so tasty.....
    Tonight I am making the same tart but i"ll try another recipe. I think it is key to let the water from the apples evaporate if you want the end up with a real caramel...We'll see...
    I'l probably use your blog in the future more now!
    Kind Regards
    Dionne (