Monday, 9 May 2011

Cheese Scone Round

Recipe Number Thirty Three: Page 323.

I fancied making something savoury; it made a nice change after all the sweet things I have made and eaten lately. I was feeling quite hungry as I started baking this at lunchtime. I hoped it wouldn't take long to prepare as my stomach was complaining loudly.

Neil had kindly bought the things I needed for this recipe. I had written him a list after carefully checking our messy, overflowing kitchen shelves. I thought I already possessed some mustard powder, but as it was nowhere to be seen it got added onto my list. When Neil put the new packet of mustard powder away his hand went straight onto the old packet, typical! In my defence I would like to point out that his superior height is an added advantage. Neil saw me add the mustard powder to my bowl of flour and couldn't believe the small quantity; just half a teaspoon! I needed even less cayenne pepper, just a quarter of a teaspoon. I recently purchased a set of measuring spoons; they are so useful. I would probably have used too much if I'd used a normal teaspoon. Once all my dry ingredients were stirred together, I added in most of the grated mature cheddar cheese and poured in the milk and egg. I was very tempted to add a touch more milk as the dough was so dry; it was hard to bring it all together. However, Mary says the mixture should be soft not sticky, so I held back. Once I tipped the dough out onto the worktop and gave it a bit of a knead, I was glad I hadn't added the milk. It very quickly turned into soft and manageable dough.

I rolled the dough out into a thick circle and marked it into six wedges. Onto the baking tray my cheesy circle went! The last touch was to brush with milk and sprinkle with the remainder of the grated cheese. It took 15 minutes in the oven, so from start to finish this recipe only took about half an hour.

When the cheese scone round came out of the oven the wedges were not very well defined, so I gently marked it into wedges again. I have to say it smelt absolutely delicious. As my stomach had obviously sensed that the prospect of food was edging closer, it made me tuck into a slice whilst it was still warm. I was feeling generous, so also cut a slice for Neil and spread the wedges with margarine, which melted quickly into the warm scone, yum! Neil's first comment was that it was very cheesy, perhaps a bit too cheesy. This comes from a man who eats a heck of a lot of cheese. I did use the seriously strong cheddar; maybe it was a bit too strong! I have constant hay fever at the moment so I couldn't really tell. We both noticed the scone had a bit of a 'kick' to it due to the mustard powder and pepper; that is a really nice touch. I should love to make this again, maybe next time I won't use such a strong cheese. It is very moreish; I may just go and have another slice!
A touch on the cheesy side - but very moreish!

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  1. Cheese scone is something different to have with a bowl of soup or as a savory addition to a lunch box. Thanks for sharing this informative post.