Thursday, 12 May 2011

Chocolate Chip Brownies

Recipe Number Thirty Five:  Page 100.

To say I was looking forward to making these was an understatement. I hadn't baked anything chocolatey for an entire month and was having severe withdrawal symptoms. Due to a serious chocolate addiction, I have of course made brownies on many previous occasions. The recipe I would normally use is Mary's slightly richer version which uses melted chocolate, instead of cocoa powder. I was rather disappointed to see this recipe did not require me to add melted chocolate, so no crafty nibbles on the leftovers!

This recipe was incredibly simple and straightforward. A generous amount of butter - I think over a block of butter can safely be described as generous - and even more sugar. I had chest pains just looking at the ingredients! Add to the butter and sugar some cocoa powder, flour and eggs and that is your main set of ingredients taken care of. The last little bit needed to complete the brownies is of course the chocolate chips, hence the name! I have a little confession; the full 100 grams never made it to my mixing bowl. A few didn't want to come out of the packet, so I ate them! Once the 95 grams of chocolate chips were added I could beat it all together. Everything was going so smoothly until I caught the bag of flour with my elbow and it fell onto the floor. It let out a plume of floury dust as it landed. I suppose I should be grateful I didn't lose the entire contents on the floor. After sweeping up the flour that had escaped, I could carry on and tip the brownie mixture into my ready lined traybake tin. I was a little surprised by how thick the mixture was, unlike the richer recipe which was much runnier. At this point I did panic a bit and re-checked the recipe; I had been distracted by my son who was practising his cough and wanted me to cough in reply! Thankfully I had kept my wits about me as everything was as it should be, phew! I put my brownie into the oven and then came to the difficult but vital job of licking the bowl, it was so delicious, I couldn't imagine how the cooked brownie could possibly beat it. I had to quickly throw the bowl into the washing up to make it inedible.

I caught the brownie just before it started to burn. It didn't look that inspiring to be honest. I was tempted to take it straight out of the tin to have a better look but I resisted the urge. Once the brownie was cool, I lifted it out and then cut it into slices. Neil was hovering next to me as I took the all important photos; he was very impatient to try it. He ended up having three slices, one after the other. I showed a little more restraint and had just the one. Oh my goodness me, they are utterly divine! Light, seriously chocolatey with a lovely crisp topping, the cake is almost mousse like. I am so pleased with these brownies, they may knock a few years off my life but hey, who's counting?!!
Chocolate brownies equal utter bliss!


  1. I've made these, they taste wonderful but mine don't quite look like yours :(
    Did you use a electric hand mixer, to achieve this result, or jus mixing with a wooden spoon?

  2. As long as they taste good don't worry what it looks like :-)If you aren't happy with the look, dust some icing sugar over the top to hide any sins! I used an electric hand mixer and beat the mixture for a minute or two until all combined.

  3. Thanks for the advice, I made these today whilst taking a break from my long 4000 word essay. This time they turned out perfect, brought the electric hand mixer to achieve this results. They are so addictive!!

  4. That's fantastic - well done Julieta. I wouldn't be without my trusty electric hand whisk. They are indeed addictive! Hopefully they'll help you get through that mammoth essay :-)