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Large All-in-one Victoria Sandwich

Recipe Number Thirty One:  Page 40.

Chances are if you have a Mary Berry book you have used her recipe for a Victoria sandwich. When I was fairly small, I used to make this for every family birthday. Surprisingly no one seemed to tire of it! As I haven't made this for some time, it was a rather pleasant and nostalgic revisit of an old friend.

At first glance I presumed that this cake wasn't too unhealthy. However, after re-reading the ingredients, I decided that, as it uses very nearly a whole packet of butter and the same amount of sugar, that actually it might be best to just have a small slice. Though, if you think like me, you might count the strawberry jam as one of your five a day!

This recipe uses Mary's all-in-one method. This makes life so much easier. Normally you would be expected to cream the butter and sugar together, and then watch with horror as the mixture curdles with the addition of the eggs. Thankfully, we are spared this despair as all of the cake ingredients get measured into a bowl and beaten together at the same time. Once the beaten mixture is nice and smooth you put it into the tins and bake for about 20 minutes.

I made the mistake of using fairly cheap cake tins. I didn't think it would cause much harm, but I lost some of the cake as it stuck to the tin, so it looks a bit patchy around the sides. Apart from that minor defect, I can't believe how well the cake rose in the oven, it is huge!

Once the cake had cooled, I could spread a generous amount of jam on one of the cakes. I noticed that most of this particular jar of jam seemed to contain a large quantity of strawberry stalks. I didn't really fancy eating those, so I got rather sticky picking them all out! Once the jam was stalk free, I carefully placed the other cake on top and sprinkled the surface with caster sugar.

I have the house to myself at the moment and have just indulged in a sneaky slice. I really can't get over how light and moist it is. It really does taste as good as I remember. I would like to put forward the suggestion of eating it with a fork, unless you have a rather large mouth. As it rises so well, it is almost impossible to manage without one! 
Yes, I did manage to eat the whole slice!
Well, I am getting closer to the 50 mark but I still have such a long way to go, eeeek!  Just to let you know, I have decided to bake two things at the weekend, updating my blog on a Monday evening.  I shall bake one thing on a Wednesday and update my blog again on a Thursday evening.  This should break things up a bit!!! Thanks again for your support :-)

Recipe Variation: Lemon Victoria Sandwich

I love anything lemony so this cake sounded right up my street. Mary's Victoria sandwich cakes are so easy to whip up. Everthing gets shoved into a bowl and whisked together to form a smooth batter. For this variation I had to grate in the zest of a lemon. This nearly didn't happen as I managed to forget all about the lemon sat next to mixing bowl! Just before I divided the mixture between the two sandwich tins I remembered - phew, just in time.

Once the cakes had cooked then cooled I sandwiched the two together with a good helping of lemon curd. I love lemon curd. This time it came from a jar but I did make my own once and it was so much nicer than shop bought. One day I'll get round to making it again!

Soon I was having a huge bite of cake, then another, and another! I could of done with a stronger lemon flavour in the sponge. Perhaps I'll add the zest from two lemons next time. The filling was of course divine. Now I can't make up my mind if I prefer the original recipe or this one.

This cake was a huge hit with Isaac. After his small slither he kept asking for more. As I ate my large slice my bump was very active. I think it was performing Riverdance in there!!
Mmmmm... cake!

Recipe Variation - Orange Victoria Sandwich

My final Victoria Sandwich variation and I couldn't wait! This basic recipe is still one of my very favourites. So easy and quick to make and tastes delicious. What more could you wish for?! I've never tried an orange version before but I couldn't imagine that it would be anything other than tasty.

I put the quickness of the recipe to test as I made it about an hour before leaving my parents house (on the Isle of Wight) to catch the ferry home. I shoved all the ingredients into the bowl. The only difference to the original recipe was the addition of orange zest. A quick whisk and the smooth mixture was ready for the lined cake tins. The cakes rose beautifully in the oven but were sadly cursed with a wrinkly skin!

I am not a huge fan of marmalade but it was Mary's chosen filling. I sandwiched the by now lukewarm cakes together with a modest helping of orange marmalade. Neil had already packed the camera away in the car so had to unpack it for the all important photo shoot! Time was running short so I cut a slice, wrapped it in kitchen towel and shoved it in my already bulging handbag. The rest would be shared between my family.

When sat on the boat wondering how to pass the impending hour I remembered the cake in my bag. Of course it was a bit squashed by now! We all had some each and it didn't last long. We all loved the subtle orange flavour but perhaps the marmalade was a little over powering. I knew Dad would like it as he LOVES marmalade. Maybe next time I'll try making an orange curd instead.  All in all another yummy Victoria Sandwich.
A very quick photo!

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