Monday, 23 May 2011

Lemon Swiss Roll

Recipe Number Forty:  Page 46.

When I started this challenge back in February a Swiss roll was one of the first recipes I made. My thought was to start with something easy and simple. It turned out to be my first disaster! The sponge didn't rise and tasted raw and eggy. I believed the problem was due to my not using a strong and heavy Swiss roll tin and whisking the eggs and sugar by hand with a balloon whisk. This time I was armed with a brand new Swiss roll tin which was both strong and heavy. Also, I am now the proud owner of a rather lovely electric whisk, so I felt quite confident that on this occasion my Swiss roll would be a resounding success!

I lined my baking tray and turned on the oven. I collected all of the ingredients from the kitchen shelves. I took another look at the ingredients and realised I didn't have a lemon. I had brought the ingredients the day before. How I forgot it I'll never know, it is called a lemon Swiss roll after all. I trotted off to the shop and bought a lemon and a few other things I didn't actually need. Huffing and puffing from my brisk walk I headed straight back to the kitchen and carried on from where I had left off!

The eggs went into my mixing bowl along with the sugar and the all important grated lemon zest. I whisked for quite some time before the mixture became frothy and light. Mary says the whisk should leave a trail when lifted out; I made sure that I could see a trail before I turned off the whisk. I could see why the last Swiss roll didn't work. I hadn't managed to get my mixture this frothy and light whisking by hand. Slowly and carefully I stirred in the flour making sure I kept as much air in the mixture as possible. Once everything was combined I poured the batter into my Swiss roll tin and put the tray into the oven.

After ten minutes I checked on the cake and saw that it didn't look anywhere near ready, so gave it another five minutes. By this time it was well risen and golden. It was looking a lot better than my previous attempt. I inverted the cake onto a piece of greaseproof paper which I had generously sprinkled with sugar. Once I had peeled the paper from the bottom of the cake I was disappointed to see that it hadn't risen as well as I had hoped; it also looked very pale in colour. I spread some lemon curd onto the cake before rolling it up. The finished result didn't look very appetising! I tried a slice to see if it tasted as bad as I feared. It was better than the Swiss roll I made several months ago, but not by a huge margin. It still tasted a bit eggy and undercooked. It had risen a bit more but still wasn't up to much! Neil tried a slice and said my Swiss roll attempts were improving. However, he didn't think it tasted thoroughly cooked. So my plight continues. I only have one more Swiss roll recipe to bake from this book. I will make sure I get it right, even if it kills me!!
Hmmmmm....better luck next time?!

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