Thursday, 23 June 2011

Bunny Rabbit Birthday Cake

Recipe Number Fifty One:  Page 253.

Monday 20th June was a very special day for me and my family; it was my little boy’s first birthday. The day was spent with my family. Neil's parents made the trip across the Solent bearing gifts and birthday wishes for their grandson. I tried to time my cake making to Isaac's naps so that I didn't miss out on the birthday fun. When I had first seen the picture of Mary's bunny cake I honestly didn't believe I could make mine look anywhere near as good; I am not very good at decorating cakes!

I had to make enough cake mixture to fill three shallow sandwich tins. The recipe was pretty much the same as Mary's standard Victoria sponge cake, so I felt as though I was on familiar ground. I simply beat all of the ingredients together and poured the mixture into the greased and lined sandwich tins. I needed two 7inch and one 8inch. I could just fit all three tins onto the top shelf of Mum’s oven. While they were cooking I decided to go upstairs and quickly wash my hair, I barely made it back to the kitchen in time. One of the cakes was looking a bit golden. As I'd had to rush, I looked a sight for sore eyes. Water was still dripping from my face and my hair was wrapped up in a towel; I hoped the guests wouldn't turn up early!!

The two 7 inch cakes were ready first. I left them to cool for a few minutes while I waited for the 8inch cake to catch up. Once all the cakes were out of the oven and had cooled off a bit I could tip them out of their tins to cool completely. One of the smaller cakes didn't want to exit its tin, and a small edge broke off! I decided this would be the cake I would use to make the bunny's extremities!

The picture of the bunny in the Baking Bible is deceiving; it doesn't look that big, when actually it is a bit of a giant! As I didn't have a cake board large enough, I followed Mary's suggestion of using a foil covered baking tray. But the tray was still not big enough for the entire bunny to fit on. My mum thankfully owns a gigantic tray, which she suggested I cover with foil; it fitted perfectly, hooray! By this time all worktop space was in use, so the only place left to arrange the bunny and to cut the tail, ears and foot out of one of the smaller cakes was the ironing board. I volunteered Neil to cut the body parts as he is much neater and more artistic than I am! I then volunteered my sister, Toria to keep watch whilst the coconut was toasting under the grill. She did a sterling job as none of the coconut got burnt, phew! I would like to point out that whilst this was going on I was frantically mixing up the butter cream! Stupidly I had changed into my clean trousers and was not wearing an apron; I of course, got absolutely smothered in icing sugar when I turned on the electric whisk!

Now to the fun and messy bit! I was surprised how simple I found it to decorate the cakes. It didn't take long to cover each bit of cake with butter cream and coconut. I had lots of toasted coconut left over, but I had bought 50gs extra just in case. Soon my bunny was assembled on the foil covered tray and I could add the finishing touches. By adding the bunny's eyes, nose and whiskers it was amazing how suddenly the cake looked like a proper bunny and almost exactly the same as the picture in the book, I was most pleased with myself. The sponge was very light and the butter cream and coconut made a lovely combination. I don't think Isaac was that fussed by his bunny cake, but at least I had some nice comments from my family!
Seemed cruel to eat it!!

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