Thursday, 23 June 2011

Cappuccino Cake

Recipe Number Fifty Two:  Page 53.

As lovely as eating a bunny might be, I thought it would be nice to give my family another cake to try! I have wanted to make this cake for some time but it looks very rich in the picture, so thought it might be best to save it for a family occasion.

Mary says to be sure to use deep sandwich tins for this cake as the shallower tins can overflow. I did not want my tins to overflow, so I had brought with me my 8 inch loose bottomed deep cake tin with the thought of buying another one whilst on the Island. When out shopping, I found the tin I needed, Neil saw the price and rather sensibly suggested I put the tin back on the shelf and just make the cake in two batches!

I measured the cocoa powder into a mixing bowl and added a little boiling water and stirred them together. The rest of the ingredients were added to the chocolate mixture. I was amazed that I didn't need to add much butter, surely that couldn't be right?!! I beat all the ingredients together until they just combined; there was a warning not to overdo the beating! The mixture was thick and a dark velvety colour. It smelt wonderful. I tried to judge as best I could how much was half and poured it into the lined tin. The cake rose beautifully in the oven and I could quite see why Mary warns not to use shallow tins. If I had it would have gone all over the oven floor and my parents would have disowned me! When the cake was cooked, I removed it carefully from the tin and peeled off the greaseproof paper from its base. As I don’t like waste, I turned the paper over and put it back into the tin to use again! Soon the second cake was cooked and also cooling on the wire rack.

It soon became clear that the birthday boy was too excited to have his lunchtime nap, so he came back downstairs and was entertained by both sets of grandparents. I could now carry on making the filling and topping for the cake. I needed half a pint of double cream. Ah! That makes up for the small amount of butter in the cake!! I whipped up the cream in next to no time and was soon adding the all important coffee. I obviously couldn't just chuck in the coffee granules, so first of all I dissolved them in a small amount of hot water. It could then be added to the cream. I had a quick taste of the coffee cream; I could certainly taste the coffee! I smoothed half the cream over one cake and then placed the other cake on top; I then smothered the top of that cake with the remainder of the cream. For a finishing touch I dusted a small amount of cocoa powder over the cream. I was very pleased with the look of the finished cake, but looks are not everything; it had to taste good too! My mum really liked this cake; she couldn't resist another slice! Neil thought it was very rich. It isn't one of his favourites but he's not a fan of coffee cake. I have never been that keen on coffee cake either, but I loved this one! The chocolate sponge was so light and moist, and the coffee cream was delicious. Put together, to me it equalled heaven!
This cake is YUM!

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