Thursday, 23 June 2011

Dark Indulgent Chocolate and Walnut Brownies

Recipe Number Fifty Three:  Page 99.

Usually I make notes as I bake a recipe as I have a dreadful memory. In my previous job it was often commented on that my desk was almost completely smothered in yellow sticky notes, each one being a reminder to me. I have to write this review without the help of a beloved yellow note. My son Isaac is at the age where absolutely anything and everything goes into his mouth. He managed to get his mitts on this particular note and give it a good chew, before throwing the sodden clump to one side and moving onto something tastier!

I adore chocolate. As I am sure you have by now gathered, not a day goes by when I don't think of it, sad I know! The title of these particular brownies was encouraging; I could just tell they were going to be very rich and chocolatey. Unlike the other brownie recipe I made a while ago, this recipe does not use cocoa powder but relies on bars of plain chocolate - yes not just one bar! As I broke the chocolate up into a glass bowl I made sure the chocolate was of a suitable quality! I added the obligatory large block of butter, set the glass bowl over a pan of simmering water and gave it a stir from time to time. It took ages to melt. I made myself some lunch, washed up and it still hadn't all melted! Once the mixture had finally given in to the heat I had to leave it to cool. Luckily I didn't need these brownies in a hurry!

Finally, once the chocolate mixture had cooled down, I could carry on making the brownies. The addition of coffee was a bit of a surprise; Mary says this gives a rich 'grown-up' flavour. I dissolved the coffee in a few tablespoons of hot water and set it aside to cool a little. I needed yet another bowl to mix all the other ingredients together. I couldn't help but dread all the washing up I was going to have to do! To this bowl I added the eggs, sugar, coffee and vanilla extract and then gradually stirred in the melted chocolate and butter. Last of all, the dry ingredients needed to be folded in. I only needed a small amount of flour, a good amount of chopped walnuts and a heck of a lot of chocolate chips; I needed several packets. I could feel my waistband getting tighter at the thought! I poured the very fattening mixture into my traybake tin and popped it into the oven to cook. At this point I tried and eventually succeeded in getting Isaac to go down for his nap. But, with all the excitement of dealing with a child who has learnt that he can easily pull himself up in his cot, I forgot about the brownies and they got a bit burnt! I found this most annoying as brownies are supposed to be a bit gooey; they shouldn't be dry. They did taste better than they looked though, extremely rich, maybe a bit too rich for me. The easier and quicker brownie recipe I made a few weeks ago I found to be more successful and tasty!
A bit burnt but still tasty!

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