Monday, 13 June 2011

English Cherry Cake

Recipe Number Forty Eight:  Page 77.

We were on our travels again at the weekend. We had tickets for the Isle of Wight Festival, but camping was not on the agenda as we had the luxury of staying with my parents who only live a 20 minute walk away! As always, I still had time for my baking! I had promised my sister I would bake a few treats as a belated birthday present. I am delighted that we share the same love of glacé cherries, it was no hardship to make this cherry cake.

As much as I love cherries, they do take a time to prepare. I can't say chopping, washing and drying cherries is my favourite of pastimes. However, Mary insists that the washing and drying stops the cherries from sinking, I have yet to see the proof! Once this was out of the way the rest of the cake making didn't take long at all. I was pleased to be using ground almonds as cherries and almonds together make a tasty combination. Of course a cake isn't complete without a worryingly large amount of butter. I am concerned that I am getting used to my continuous consumption of butter. I'm just ignoring the chest pains! Eggs, flour, baking powder and sugar were the only other ingredients required. I just had to beat the cake mixture for a minute and then stir in the cherries. I tipped the mixture into my deep cake tin and then put it in the oven. It took a long time to cook, and it took the full 1 ¾ hours Mary suggests. Surprisingly the cake didn't burn; it was a lovely golden brown. When I turned the cake out I felt even more chuffed as it really did look good; a perfect colour and it had risen beautifully.

When cutting the cake, I thought the texture was similar to that of a Madeira. It had quite a close texture. The cherries had sunk to the bottom of the cake as I knew they would. I personally don't think it makes any difference if you wash and dry the cherries first. I wouldn't normally bother but I am doing as I am told. I am still waiting for unsinkable cherries! However, I suppose it isn't the end of the world; it still tastes the same. The cake was moist but with a slightly dense texture. I could taste a hint of almonds and of course the cherries, but a few more cherries wouldn't have gone amiss. My sister enjoyed it, but perhaps telling her how much butter was in it was a bad idea. She gets married in a few months and is worried about fitting into her dress!
A sinking feeling!

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