Thursday, 16 June 2011

Marbled Chocolate Ring Cake

Recipe Number Fifty:  Page 108.

Another cake chosen by my sister. Like me she finds it hard to say no to chocolate, so I am not surprised by her choice! The picture in the Baking Bible has the wow factor and looks very chocolatey.

I have never made a ring cake before so I didn't have the tin required. The first challenge was to find one. I fully expected to come back empty handed after a trip into town but thankfully I found just what I needed in the first shop I tried. Hooray! If you don't want to fork out for a new tin, I did get a good tip on my Facebook page from a knowledgeable cook. Just use a round cake tin and put a baked bean can or the like in the centre to create the ring shape.

The first job was greasing and lining my ring cake tin. Mary says to line the tin with strips of baking parchment. This is, easier said than done. It was so fiddly as it was such an awkward shape to line. The paper didn't want to behave itself. I had to give the butter a blast in the microwave as I'd forgotten to leave it out. One day I might just remember! I added the sugar and flour to the bowl and, last of all, the eggs. I was thrown a little when I opened the egg box; there were two tiny eggs nestled next to the four large eggs I needed, I thought we had been diddled! It soon transpired that the petite eggs had in fact been laid by the neighbour's chicken and had been passed onto my parents! After the egg confusion I moved on to combining the ingredients together. I could then dot half of the mixture into the cake tin using a teaspoon. The remainder of the cake mixture needed to be chocolatey. I stirred some cocoa powder into some hot water and then added it to the mixing bowl. This mixture had to be dotted between and over the plain cake mixture and then swirled together with a knife. I found it hard to tell if I was getting the marbled effect; the plain mixture was well buried beneath the chocolate. The cake had to go into the oven for about 40 minutes, so I sat down and enjoyed a very late lunch and almost nodded off on the sofa, oh dear!

When I took the cake out of the oven I was very pleased as it had risen so well and appeared nice and moist. I had been dreading getting the cake out of the tin as I felt sure it would stick, but it popped clean out! Once the cake was cold I could ice it. The icing was simple and quick to make; I just had to melt the plain chocolate and butter over a pan of hot water. Mary says to pour the icing over the cake. I took a more tentative approach and spooned it on! The icing had to be left to set for an hour before drizzling some melted milk chocolate over the top as decoration. I couldn't be bothered to find a piping bag for such a small amount of chocolate, so I followed Mary's tip and put the melted milk chocolate into a sandwich bag. I snipped the edge off the the sandwich bag and drizzled, rather untidily, the chocolate over the cake. I was quite pleased with it, but was a bit disappointed when I cut the cake as I couldn't see much sign of a marbled effect!

By this time it was 9pm. In my defence I had cooked our meal as well; that was why I was running late. Things always take longer than I anticipate! There was barely any natural light left when I tried to take the all important photographs. The flash was not kind to my cake! My mum laughingly suggested taking the picture outside. I didn't think it would work but in the end thought anything was worth a try. So, at 9.30pm, my mum took a coffee table out through the back door and I followed behind with cake and camera! We went up to the middle of the garden and arranged the table and cake. What the neighbours must of thought! I am surprised the pictures aren't blurred as I was laughing so much! However, it did the trick and what a lovely backdrop!

Once the pictures were taken, we all had a small slice as we were still stuffed from our meal and it was close to bedtime. It tasted so moist and chocolatey; it really was good. I particularly liked the icing, which was dark and rich. The best thing about this cake is that it looks impressive and that little bit special. The cake itself is very easy to make and the icing is also simple; it just requires a little more time. None of us could believe it when my sister asked for another slice. How she found room for it I have no idea!
Just to let you know, my next blog entry will be on Thursday 23rd June 2011. Isaac, my little boy, will be one on Monday 20th June and although I will be baking cakes that day (from the Baking Bible, of course), I won't be writing up my reviews on his very special day! Therefore there will be three entries on Thursday 23rd. Thank you for continuing to follow my challenge; it really does motivate me to carry on! :-)
The one slice which was marbled! 

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