Friday, 10 June 2011

Muesli Cookies

Recipe Number Forty Seven:  Page 209.

After a busy day out and about I was feeling very weary, but was glad to get into the kitchen to bake these cookies. I put some soothing music on and floated around the kitchen, feeling most serene! I also felt rather virtuous as surely these cookies are a healthy addition to any biscuit tin; they do contain muesli after all.

I was a little surprised when measuring out the the butter; I needed about three quarters of a packet. I began to wonder if the addition of muesli was just giving an illusion of healthiness! Thankfully, however, I only needed to add a fairly modest amount of sugar. This helped to reassure me. I measured the flour and egg into the mixing bowl and beat everything together. The last ingredient to be included was the all important muesli. Neil had been shopping and I was shocked to see that he hadn't brought the value muesli. He is obviously getting into all this baking malarkey as he had chosen a more luxurious variety. He knew a value packet wouldn't contain much fruit and would mostly consist of 'cardboard' flakes! After stirring in the muesli I was ready to spoon the mixture onto my greased baking trays. Mary says to leave room for the cookies to spread. Cookies I have made in the past have tended to spread on the baking tray to form one giant biscuit treat. I was keen to avoid this conundrum, so left plenty of room for spread-age!! If you are fan of muesli you will be delighted, as more is sprinkled onto the top of each cookie along with some demerara sugar.

The cookies didn't take long in the oven - only about ten or so minutes. I think I was a bit eager to take the first batch out as they were still a bit pale, but I am not known for being patient! However, I did soon learn that I should wait a few minutes or so before trying to remove the cookies from the baking tray as they were still fragile and fell to bits. Once I had successfully managed the difficult transition from tray to cooling rack, I felt now was an appropriate time for a taste. The word moreish is an understatement; the combination of oats and raisins is always a winner in my mind. I found my hand reaching for a cookie at regular intervals! Not only are these extremely tasty, I also enjoyed making them; they are so easy to make in next to no time. I ate two for breakfast this morning, without a trace of guilt. After all, it's just another way to eat muesli. Well, that is what I choose to believe!! 

These have to be good for you!

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