Monday, 27 June 2011

Pineapple and Cherry Loaf

Recipe Number Fifty Five:  Page 311.

I was also baking this cake for my mother-in-law's birthday tea. When the coffee and walnut traybake was in the oven I could move onto making this loaf cake. I hoped it would be as quick and straightforward to make. The combination of pineapple and cherries sounded wonderful. The only other cake I have made which contained pineapple was an upside down cake, so I wondered how this one would turn out.

The main preparation for this cake was spent preparing the fruit. I needed a lot of cherries and pineapple. I quartered the cherries and then rinsed the sugary syrup away, the best bit if you ask me!! I left them to drain in the sieve whilst I contended with the pineapple rings. I had to drain them but keep back some juice. I chopped the pineapple up and then dried them thoroughly on kitchen towel; I used a considerable number of towels as the pineapple was so juicy! The cherries suffered the same treatment. This did take some time to do but the next stage of making up the cake mixture was easy and quick. I added the cake ingredients into a bowl so I could beat them all together; Mary is quite particular that this should be done for two minutes. I needed to use two large eggs. I had two left in the box; one of them I swear was laid by an ostrich - it was enormous! I weighed it and it was almost twice the weight of the other large egg. I managed to locate a medium egg, so I used that along with the super egg and hoped that would level things out a bit! After the cake mixture had been beaten for the two minutes I could move on to adding in the fruit. I tipped in the now dry cherries and pineapple, a large quantity of sultanas and two tablespoons of pineapple juice. I was a little confused as to why I had spent so long making sure my pineapple was dry if I was adding the juice back into the equation?! Hey ho, who am I to question Mary, I feel sure she knows best!

The very fruity cake mixture then went into my lined loaf tin and into the oven. As it was so full of fruit I knew it would take a fairly long time to cook, but I was a little surprised that it should take at least an hour and a half. In fact, I found it took nearly two hours and got a little burnt around the edges! Normally I like to cut a cake up myself before passing it round. I worry that it might not be cooked through, I would be mortified! All I could do was hope it would be OK as I couldn't really pass the cake over with it already cut into pieces! The loaf felt so heavy it felt like a brick; I just hoped it didn't taste like one!

I am pleased to report that the combination of cherries and pineapple really is as good as you would hope it to be. This was the favourite cake and it didn't take long for it all to disappear! It is so moist and fruity. Mary says to store it in the fridge as it is so moist it could easily go mouldy if left in a warm kitchen for several days. I really don't see it hanging round long enough for that to be a problem!


  1. Hi Anneliese

    I've recently discovered your blog and I'm loving it. I bought Mary Berry's Baking Bible a short while ago and I've been trying to make as many recipes as possible as they all look (and taste) great. The only problem is my ever expanding waistline. Have you thought of a bake-along?

    Happy baking, Lisa

  2. Hi Lisa

    I am so pleased you have found my blog and chuffed that you enjoy it :-)

    Delighed you have the book, it really is a Bible isn't it?! So many recipes to try. My expanding waistline is also a problem, so annoying! I hadn't thought of a bake-along to be honest, don't know much about it! I am determined to bake each recipe! Have you checked out my Facebook page, you are more than welcome to add a pic of things you have made from book or just compare notes :-)

    Happy baking to you too, Anneliese

  3. This cake sounds fabulous, I love pineapple, must give it a whirl soon xx

  4. It was lovely, one to make again. xx

  5. Just found you on facebook - I'll share photos, that's a great idea. x