Monday, 18 July 2011

American Chocolate Ripple Cheesecake

Recipe Number Sixty Four:  Page 373.

On Friday I had been struck down with a cold so, whilst feeling sorry for myself, I flicked through my Baking Bible looking for something horrifically bad for me. I knew a chocolate fix would make me feel much better! This recipe ticked all the boxes; I couldn't wait to make it but most of all I couldn't wait to scoff it!

First of all I grabbed my large packet of chocolate digestives and then weighed out the amount I needed. I was a little concerned to see that I only needed six biscuits! This meant I would end up eating the rest of the packet. Maybe Neil should hide them from me! I enjoyed bashing the biscuits with a rolling pin; I found it most satisfying. When the biscuits were in their crushed form I was a little sad, as I couldn't see any of the chocolate. However, when I tipped them into the melted butter the chocolate which had been hidden from view also melted; the mixture turned a glorious rich brown colour and smelt wonderful. I pressed this biscuity mixture into my loose bottomed sandwich tin. I barely had enough to cover the bottom of the tin; it was going to have a very thin base.

Whilst the base was setting, I got on with the cheesecake filling. I melted a reasonable amount of chocolate over a pan of hot water. I couldn't help but think about all the washing up that was accumulating! I went to the fridge to collect all of the cream cheese; I needed a heck of a lot. As I emptied the tubs of cream cheese into my bowl I realised that they would make for excellent baby food containers; to think I used to buy containers, not anymore! I had to beat the cream cheese till smooth then add in the large quantity of sugar and a tiny amount of vanilla extract. Last of all I added the two eggs. I was glad I had used my largest mixing bowl as any other bowl would have certainly overflowed! I spooned half of the vanilla cheese mixture over the now set biscuit base. I was meant to leave spaces in between the spoonfuls but this proved impossible. Half of the mixture still equalled a lot and I only had a small space to fill! I added the melted chocolate to the remainder of the mixture and stirred together; I was dying to get to the lick the bowl part! I spooned the chocolate cheese mixture on top of the vanilla cheese and swirled them together with a knife. I think I got a bit carried away with my swirling as it pretty much all ended up being chocolate!

I put the cheesecake into the oven and enjoyed a well deserved lick of the bowl. It tasted way too good; I kept putting the bowl down and them immediately picking it up again for another taste, it was irresistible!! After the half hour cooking time I could turn the oven off. The cheesecake was as it should be - puffy around the edges but still soft in the centre. I left it in the oven to cool; meanwhile I searched for any chocolate covered utensils that had yet to be licked!

After a couple of hours I took the cheesecake out of the oven. It still looked a bit gooey in the middle, but I wasn't too worried as it still needed to go in the fridge to chill. I thought that should make it firm up a bit. I needed to take a picture before it got too dark. The cheesecake had only been in the fridge for an hour so I hoped it would be ready for me to cut a slice. Rather annoyingly it was still gooey and the slice more or less collapsed! This showed that it still needed a bit longer in the fridge. Finally, another hour or so later, it was ready. The slices were still not perfect, but I think this was partly due to the base not being thick enough. After having a taste I didn't care one jot that my slice wasn't perfect, as I was in chocolate heaven! It was very rich, chocolatey and almost mousse like in texture. At first I felt that I wouldn't be able to eat much of it but then somehow I managed another slice, just a slither of course!!! Neil loved it to start with but after a couple of mouthfuls he declared it to be too chocolatey for him; he doesn't understand my utter devotion to chocolate!

My only complaint with this cheesecake is that the base wasn't thick enough but apart from that one quibble I can't fault it!
Yummy scrummy in my tummy! ;-)