Thursday, 21 July 2011

Banana and Honey Teabread

Recipe Number Sixty Five:  Page 304.

Today was a long day. I was up at a ridiculous hour as I had an appointment to get to. The rest of the day was quite painful due to this early start. I was considering propping my eyes open with matchsticks by the time I finally got round to making this in the early evening! Luckily there is a picture of this teabread in the Baking Bible, so I was spurred on. It looked right up my street and I am big fan of honey; I don't eat it nearly as often as I should!

I started off by weighing out my flour and added a little nutmeg to it. On the list of ingredients I had just seen the word nutmeg. I hadn't noticed that it should be freshly grated. I had bought the ground version especially; it would just have to do! I needed to rub some butter into the flour, which I hadn't been expecting. I'd imagined the butter would have been beaten in with the rest of the ingredients. My little boy has half a banana for tea, so I whipped the remaining half away before Neil ate it and went to the fruit bowl to collect one of the over ripe bananas I had been saving. I thought this would take me up to the necessary amount, but I was just shy so I had to head back for another. One thing is for sure, over ripe bananas are not very easy on the eye, yuck! Once the bananas were mashed, which didn't take much effort; I added them to the bowl. Soon to follow was some sugar and the grated rind from a lemon. I will have to make something at the weekend to use the juice up! Thank goodness I only needed two eggs and no more. I had completely forgotten to check; I was lucky to escape that disaster! The last thing to do was add the thick pale honey; this was the tricky part. It was difficult to prise the honey out of the jar and, when on the spoon, it was hard to judge the quantity. I think I would have preferred using my scales to weigh it. Once the honey was in the bowl I was finally ready to beat all the ingredients together and I then poured the banana scented mixture into my loaf tin.

It had to cook in the oven on a low heat for an hour and a quarter. Meanwhile, I collapsed on the sofa and moaned about how much my legs ached! Finally the time was up and my weary legs just about managed to get me back to the oven. I was pleased to see that my cake had risen beautifully; it was above the top of the tin and was a great colour and shape. I gave the cake a poke and it sprung back and I inserted a knife into the middle of the cake (I don't have a skewer) and it came out clean. I left the cake on a wire rack to cool. However, when I returned to the kitchen some fifteen minutes later, I was horrified, yes horrified to see the centre of the cake had sunk. It was not a pretty picture! I was very disappointed. I began to doubt that it was cooked through; I just hoped the taste would make up for it! When my unattractive looking cake was cold I warmed two more tablespoons of honey to brush over the top. I felt unsure about adding more liquid; surely that wouldn't help the situation!!!! I took some pictures of my cake; I have to say I was reluctant to do so! Neil and I had a slice each, to see if it was as bad as I feared. The word moist would be an understatement! The flavour of the bananas was strong and almost wiped out the taste of the honey, leaving only a faint hint of honey flavour. Neil said he liked it, he even had another slice! He thought it would be especially nice with custard. So I have mixed feelings about this cake. I don't think my honey measurement was entirely accurate, that could have been why the cake sunk. Also I wish I had given it just a little longer in the oven, maybe another five minutes would have made the world of difference. It did make for a nice and VERY moist banana cake; I just don't see the point of the honey. This is definitely one to come back to and see if I can make it work better next time!!
Can't help but feel sorry for it!!! ;-)


  1. So glad I found your blog - good luck with this excellent challenge. Thinking of doing something similar to improve my pastry making!

  2. Thank you so much! Yes, you should! It is fun having a challenge :-) I love your blog, the pictures are excellent.

  3. I had the same problem when I baked this cake today. So disappointed to see it sink before my eyes. It wasn't cooked in the middle after 1 hour and 1/4, so I put it back in the oven for another half hour and it still wasn't cooked through. Very moist and claggy ;-(

  4. Hi, I've tried making this twice and both times it is just soggy :( Have you had any more success with it since you wrote this blog? I also wonder if there is too much honey. I was even debating that it could be a misprint and mean 6 TEAspoons instead of 6 tablespoons??? Thanks :)