Thursday, 7 July 2011

Lemon Yoghurt Cake

Recipe Number Fifty Nine:  Page 56.

I really must live with my head in the clouds as I completely forgot until Tuesday evening that I was supposed to be baking the following day! I wanted to avoid going shopping as we had very recently had our shopping delivered. I had a good old rummage in the cupboards. Luckily, as I do so much baking, the cupboards usually hold the obligatory flour and sugar. When I looked in the fridge I thanked my lucky stars that the butter had been on special offer and I had bulk bought! I had also got in a significant amount of Greek yoghurt. I checked in my Baking Bible and came across this recipe; I didn't look any further, yoghurt cake it was!

I wanted to make the cake early in the day as I had lots of other things that needed doing. After putting my little boy up for his nap and then sweeping up the cornflakes he had kindly spilled all over the floor, I made a start. At first glance I'd thought this recipe to be very straightforward and, don't get me wrong, it isn't difficult. However, I hadn't realised that I had to separate the eggs and whisk up the whites! When I opened my box of large eggs I found that I only had two left – I needed three. I had forgotten to check the night before, whoops! Thankfully, I had lots of medium eggs, so I plucked out the biggest and weighed it. I found it weighed more than the large ones! I cracked the three eggs and put the egg yolks into my largest mixing bowl and the whites into another. To the egg yolks I added a small amount of butter. Typical! The one day I have butter coming out of my ears is the day I require a minuscule amount! I grated in the zest of a lemon; the whole fruit gets used in this recipe as the juice is needed for the icing, that should please Neil!! I blended these few ingredients together and they formed a lumpy unattractive mess. Next, I had to add the Greek yoghurt; I needed quite a bit of it. I used my electric whisk to blend in the yoghurt and I was pleased that the lumps soon vanished and I was left with a smooth and runny mixture which smelt heavenly. I carefully stirred in some flour and then, last of all, folded in the whisked fluffy egg whites. Once everything was combined I poured the mixture into my greased and lined cake tin.

I was a little surprised by how long the cake needed to cook; an hour to an hour and a quarter seemed like a long time. I left it an hour before I checked and it was a bit overdone, my fault for not checking sooner. I had a near disaster when I tipped the cake out of the tin. I dropped it. It completely missed the wire rack and it landed on the oven hob instead. I am so lucky it didn't fall apart – phew!

When the cake was cold I made the simple icing. I sifted the icing sugar into a bowl and then mixed in a couple of tablespoons of the lemon juice. I was a little over enthusiastic with my mixing and a substantial amount of mixture ended up down the front of my trousers. I spread what remained of the icing over the cake. Some of the icing made a bid for freedom and trickled down the sides, I tried to wipe it off, but it made things worse!

I have to say that the cake looked fairly uninspiring and I was a bit unsure what to make of it. I had a crafty taste before Neil got home and I was very pleasantly surprised! It has a delicate lemon flavour and such a wonderful smooth almost silky texture. The slight sharpness of the icing compliments the cake beautifully. Honestly, one bite and you'll be hooked! It just goes to prove that looks aren't everything!!
Not exactly pretty but tastes real good!!!


  1. Oooh I could do with a slice of that with a nice cuppa right now!!

  2. Guess what I'm doing right now!! ;-)