Thursday, 14 July 2011

Oat and Sunflower Squares

Recipe Number Sixty Two:  Page 250.

I wanted to bake something reasonably healthy; I think it is fair to say I have eaten a lot of cake recently. The other reason for these squares is that a friend from where I used to work asked if the book contained any gluten free recipes. I felt sure there must be several considering the large number of recipes the Baking Bible contains. Although I did find a few, it was nowhere near as many as I had expected. Most of the recipes I had already made, so it was hard to find a new one to try. Finally I settled on these oat and sunflower squares. I checked that they would be suitable; I was told that oats are usually ok for coeliacs. This was good enough for me, so I went ahead and bought the ingredients, not that I needed many!

I started this recipe whilst preparing our evening meal. Multi-tasking usually spells disaster for me but, as the instructions for these squares appeared so simple and straightforward, I felt confident enough to risk it!

First of all, I needed a very small amount of butter and two tablespoons of golden syrup. To make things easier, I poured hot water over the spoon before measuring out the syrup and it just slid off the spoon and into the bowl, easy peasy! I melted the butter and syrup in a small saucepan. Meanwhile, I weighed some oats and the sunflower seeds into a bowl. The last time I had eaten sunflower seeds was when on one of my misjudged diets. I think this particular diet included seeds and grains, but didn't include wheat or dairy. Suffice to say it didn't last long! I do remember people at work teasing and asking how long it would be until I started chirping and scratching the ground!

I poured the melted mixture into the bowl of oats and seeds and stirred them all together. All that remained was to spoon it into my tin and into the oven. We ate dinner while it cooked. Our meal was only a little bit burnt, so I call my multi-tasking a success! After about half an hour I took the tin out of the oven. It looked like a flapjack to me, so I was feeling very hopeful about the taste. Mary says that it should be cut into 16 squares – hmmm...fat chance, I made nine!! I know I like big portions but honestly if I had managed the suggested 16 squares they would have been only fit for tiny people!

Once cold, I gingerly extracted the squares from the tin. They fell apart very easily; I had sunflower seeds bouncing all over the place! I took a bite from one of the smaller pieces. It was quite tasty, but I didn't think it was sweet enough; I do have a sweet tooth though! It did taste similar to a flapjack, but not as buttery. Even though the recipe didn't contain a large quantity of sunflower seeds, I could taste them quite strongly. Maybe I am still haunted by my seed diet but the sunflower seeds did put me off! I am wondering if they are just too healthy for me. It did feel weird making something that wouldn't block my arteries! I am quite worried about myself as I am looking forward to making something full of butter and sugar at the weekend!!
Sunflower seeds aren't just for the birds! ;-)

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