Monday, 11 July 2011

Sultana Streusel Buns

Recipe Number Sixty One:  Page 337.

I made these on Saturday morning. Knowing that I had cake eaters coming over meant it was the best time to make them. Mary says that they should be eaten freshly baked so, if I'd made them on Sunday when it was just the two of us, we would have HAD to eat them all. They wouldn't have been good enough for Neil to take into work on Monday morning!

Before I could get started I had a frantic search for some fairy cake cases, I knew I had them somewhere. I eventually discovered them buried under the new packet of sultanas. I popped the slightly squished cases into a bun tin and then got on with weighing out the ingredients. I measured the flour into a bowl and then rubbed in some butter. I stirred in the sugar and sultanas. Surprisingly, the quantity of sultanas required was pretty minuscule. I would have thought they would have featured more in the recipe especially as they are mentioned in the title. I mixed a reasonable amount of milk with an egg and then added them to the dry ingredients. Everything could then be beaten until smooth, which took next to no time. I put generously heaped spoonfuls into each case. I had enough for 14 buns so had to fish out another tray just for the extra two cases! To add to the excitement I needed to make a streusel topping! For this I stirred together some flour and light muscovado sugar. I then melted a small quantity of butter; it was so small that I put it in the microwave for a quick blast. The three ingredients were stirred together to make a crumbly topping. I sprinkled this on to the top of each bun. I started off just sprinkling a modest amount but soon realised that I had more than enough to cover each bun thickly, so I became less conservative with my sprinkling! Once all of the topping had been used up, I put the trays into the oven. They only needed to cook for 15 minutes. I got stuck into the washing up and lost track of time. Thankfully I got them out of the oven just before they burnt!

I took the cases out of the bun tins straight away and put them onto wire racks to cool. Just before handing out the buns I dusted them with icing sugar. They didn't look hugely exciting but they did hold a certain charm. When I tried one, the first thing I noticed was how they tasted similar to a rock cake. As Mary says they are quite plain buns, but I think the streusel topping is a lovely touch as it gives a buttery almost treacly taste. I wish that they contained another handful or two of sultanas as I barely noticed their existence! I would definitely make them again; they are a perfect moreish treat.
One just isn't enough!

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