Monday, 4 July 2011

Wimbledon Cake

Recipe Number Fifty Eight:  Page 160.

Seeing that it was the last day of Wimbledon, I felt that this cake just had to be made! I have to admit that it was a little daunting attempting this cake, as the picture of it is used for the front cover of the Baking Bible and it looks wonderful.

We were going to Neil's parents for lunch and I wanted to take this cake along with us. Mary says it is best eaten on the day of making and there was no way we could eat all this cake between us! I decided to make the cake before I got washed and dressed; the plan was to get myself ready while the cake was in the oven. I really wasn't a pretty sight when I approached the kitchen still in my dressing gown and with my hair all over the place!

This cake was a bit different to what I am used to as it doesn't contain any flour or butter. Hurrah - no butter!! I put the egg yolks into my largest mixing bowl and then added a relatively small amount of sugar and the zest and juice of an orange. The last ingredient to be added was semolina. This is in place of flour; apparently it should give the cake a slightly crunchy and close texture. I beat everything together and then moved on to the egg whites which I had put into another bowl. It’s great that nothing is wasted in this cake! I had to whisk until I achieved the required stiff but not dry consistency; it didn't take long with my trusty electric whisk. I carefully folded the now stiff egg whites into the orange scented semolina mixture. Once everything was incorporated, I could turn it into my greased and lined tin. When it was in the oven I just about had time to make myself look half decent!

Now in slightly more suitable attire I was ready to take the cake out of the oven. Obviously it wasn't really going to rise, but for some reason the sides of the cake sloped inwards! I tipped the cake out onto a wire rack to cool. We were running late by the time the cake was cold. I still had to whip up the double cream; yes it was a low fat cake until the cream made its entrance! Neil cut the cake in half horizontally for me. I think he feared that if I'd cut the cake myself I may have severed a finger in my rush and panic! Once I had whipped the cream I smoothed it over one of the cakes. I sliced our home grown strawberries and placed some on top of the cream along with the passion fruit. I absolutely love passion fruit so was delighted to be using it, but they are not the most attractive looking fruits! The other half of the cake had to be placed on top of the cream and fruit mixture. For a finishing touch, I scattered sliced strawberries over the cake and dusted with icing sugar. I was pleased with the finished result but it didn't look as good as Mary's. Sadly I didn't have time to try to make changes. We had to get going; we practically threw the cake into a plastic container after taking a picture!

After our very tasty Sunday lunch we all tried a slice of Wimbledon cake. I was worried that the cake might have absorbed the juice from the fruit and gone all soggy. I needn't have worried though. The sponge was surprisingly good when you consider it doesn't contain any butter or flour. I can't say I noticed a crunch from using semolina though! The filling was delicious. The cream, strawberries and passion fruit make a delightful combination. All the family announced it a success and they were looking forward to having another generous slice later. Mary says it is a cake not just for Wimbledon but for all summer occasions. I wholeheartedly agree; it is a beautiful and light summer cake, just perfect.

Can't beat strawberries and cream.