Thursday, 11 August 2011

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Recipe Number Seventy Four:  Page 198.

It appears that I am not the only lover of all things chocolate as this recipe was chosen by the lovely people who follow my Facebook page. As the first word in this recipe title is chocolate, you can't help but develop high hopes! I looked forward to making these cookies all day; I even found myself daydreaming about them at the baby singing group! After singing my little heart out, I went to buy some chocolate chips as I wasn't sure if I would have enough. I pushed my son's very squeaky pushchair up and down the aisles searching for this elusive but important ingredient. I couldn't find it anywhere. I remembered that Mary does mention in the recipe header that you can use plain orange chocolate cut into chunks for a more grown up flavour, so I bought a small bar plus a few totally unnecessary items before squeaking my way out of the shop.

I was determined to get these cookies made before Neil got home from work. I thought I would have another go at being a domestic goddess; all other attempts have failed miserably! I greased some baking trays and set to work. I didn't need too much butter, so these cookies could almost be classed as healthy. I popped the butter into a bowl and added some sugar and again I didn't need as much as I imagined I would. I was pleased to be using muscovado sugar. I find it gives a richer flavour and I always love to use it. I couldn't be bothered to get my electric whisk out, so I used a wooden spoon to blend together the butter and sugar. I soon started to wish I had softened the butter a bit more as it was hard going on my poor wrist! Eventually the butter and sugar were well blended so I could move on to the next part of adding in some beaten egg. Mary says to add the egg a little at a time, beating well after each addition. It was rather tricky adding it a little at a time; the egg very much wanted to make its entrance to the mixing bowl all at once!! The combined mixture was not very appealing to look at. I won't comment on what it resembled! I retrieved the flour from the heaving kitchen shelf, knocking off an opened packet of currants as I did so. After sweeping up the runaway currants I could get back to adding the flour to the mixing bowl. It took a bit of mixing before it all came together. At first I was worried that there was too much flour but I needn't have been concerned as it transformed itself into a thick, creamy mixture. All that was left was to add in the chocolate chips. I weighed them out and, as I had feared, I didn't have anywhere near enough. This might have something to do with the fact that I can't stop pinching a couple most days – whoops! Thankfully this wasn't a problem as I had bought the bar of chocolate. I threw in the chocolate chips and then cut the bar into small chunks, added them into the bowl and gave the mixture a good old stir.

I spooned heaped teaspoonfuls of mixture onto my baking trays, making sure that I left plenty of room for spreadage. The cooking time was fairly short and Mary says to watch the cookies like a hawk, as they can turn dark brown very quickly. Well, this warning was enough to keep me peering through the oven door. I have to say watching things cook isn't one of the most exciting activities! I am glad I was resolute in my cookie watch as none of them ended up burnt - phew! I was really pleased with them, but they hadn't spread as much as I thought they might, so I probably could have fitted more on the trays. I think I left them to cool a little too long on the baking trays as they were a bit tricky to remove. They should have been left for just a minute or two and then transferred to wire racks to cool, but I got distracted by my little boy. He kept sticking his finger in my ear. He was having such fun and I didn't have the heart to stop him!!

By the time Neil was home the cookies were fresh from the oven and ready for a taste along with the obligatory cup of tea. We both really liked these cookies; they were sweet and slightly chewy and, of course, little bites of chocolate are always going to be a winner. They are dangerously moreish though; I can't stop eating them. What I especially love about these cookies is that they are so quick and easy to make. They really were a pleasure to bake. They also helped me feel like a domestic goddess, be it only fleetingly!

I always seem to take pics of biscuits in this tin!! :-)


  1. Lovely cookies! I must have a look at this recipe :-)

  2. Thanks Nicola! Yes, have a try they were so scrummy! :-)