Thursday, 4 August 2011

Crunchy Top Lemon Cake

Recipe Number Seventy One:  Page 72.

I had help choosing this recipe from the lovely people who follow this challenge on Facebook. It is getting tricky choosing what to make; I hate making decisions! I gave a choice of three recipes and this won the vote. To be honest I can't say I am that surprised. Lemon drizzle cake is so popular, is there anyone who doesn't like it?!

I thought I had all the ingredients I would need, but when I checked my caster sugar, I saw I only had a little bit left in the container. My in-laws who were visiting said they would get some from the shop. Sadly the shop didn't have any in stock, but they did bring us back some broccoli and plums, every cloud..............! By the time I came to make the cake that afternoon I was considering making do with granulated sugar. However, not one to be defeated, I got a dining chair and had a good old rummage on top of the fridge. Yes, I have now moved some of my stock to the fridge; my shelves are overflowing with ingredients due to all this baking!! I was glad I bothered to heave myself up onto the rickety chair, as I found a small amount of caster sugar. It was just enough, yippeeee!

It was such a hot day that the butter softened almost as soon as it exited the fridge, another bonus of summer. I added the sugar, butter and flour to my mixing bowl. I also needed several eggs. I thought it odd that the eggs should be beaten first; surely it wouldn't matter as everything was going to get beaten together anyway? But I did as I was told! Adding the milk was a little tricky. My wrist shook as I poured it from an almost full six pint bottle. It was very heavy and a little extra milk splashed into the mixing bowl, whoops! Last of all was, of course, the all important lemon zest. The smell of lemon on a very hot day is pleasantly refreshing. Once all of the ingredients were in the mixing bowl, I beat everything together for precisely two minutes, well give or take a few seconds! I then spooned the rather thick mixture into my deep round cake tin and popped the tin into the oven.

I don't think baking is such a good idea when the sun has got his hat on and it is roasting hot! I was keen for the cooking time to hurry up as the oven was pumping out even more heat and was cooking me too! While I waited, I made the crunchy topping which just consisted of the juice of the lemon (I was delighted to be using both the juice and zest) and some sugar. I could have used granulated or caster; I went for granulated as I like the extra crunch. I mixed the two together and got rather sticky in the process. Finally it was time to get the tin out of the oven and now I could spread the lemon paste over the top of the cake whilst it was still hot. My cake had risen so well, some of the lemon and sugar mixture dripped off the cake and onto the oven hob, which I had just cleaned, sob! Reluctantly I left the lemon drizzle to cool in the tin. After about an hour, I could resist no more and tipped the slightly warm, sticky cake out onto a plate. Mary says a softened cake can sink in the middle. Mine sunk only a tiny bit so I didn't have to follow her suggestion of cutting the centre out and filling with fruit and whipped cream, but nevertheless that did sound delicious!

Neil and I thought this cake was a big success. Not only was it easy peasy to make, it tasted great too. It was unbelievably light and so lemony. The crunchy topping was sugary with the promised crunch; it reminded me of how you can't eat a doughnut without licking your lips! I really don't see how you can go wrong with this cake!
Can't beat a lemon drizzle!
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  1. Hi Anneliese, sounds fab as always, I make the tray baked one, my cousins fav, he says it tastes like our nans pancakes x

  2. Hi Jo, thank you very much :-) I love the traybake one too. Maybe because it is bigger! Ohh, I love pancakes. x

  3. That looks delicious. I made it for a family visit and was lovely. In fact we were very naughty and even cut into it before they arrived!

  4. Thank you Nel :-) I bet it went down well with your family. I don't blame you for cutting into it before they arrived, it is impossible to resist!

  5. You can grind granulated sugar down in a liquidiser if you run out of castor sugar. Don't over do it though, or you'll end up with something closer to icing sugar!