Monday, 1 August 2011

Oat Rounds

Recipe Number Sixty Nine:  Page 208.

I was not planning to make oat rounds on this particular occasion; I was supposed to be making easy granary rolls! Alas, my rolls were not destined to be. Our food shopping was due to be delivered at the weekend and I'd ordered granary flour for the rolls. A few hours before the delivery was due, I found an email to say they'd had to cancel the order and were sorry for any inconvenience caused. I was very annoyed until I read that they were giving us a £25 voucher off our next order; I almost forgave them!! However, this still posed a problem as our village shop doesn't sell granary flour so I quickly had to change my plans. These oat rounds didn't need many ingredients and looked simple to make, so they took the place of the rolls!

First of all I measured butter and a fairly small amount of sugar into a bowl and beat them together until the mixture became creamy. As it was such a warm day the butter was really soft, so I could use a wooden spoon instead of my electric whisk. I added in the oats along with a little flour and worked them in. The combined mixture was thick and oaty; it looked good enough to eat already. I was a bit worried about rolling it out as the mixture was so sticky. I lightly dusted the worktop and rolling pin with flour and started to roll out the gooey mixture. I had to use quite a lot of flour as the dough kept glueing itself onto the worktop and also onto the rolling pin. However, with perseverance and gritted teeth I managed to cut out the biscuits and get them onto the baking trays, hooray!

Now to get them into the oven. I had already heated the oven, but I'd forgotten to take out the large roasting tin which lives in it! I thought I had better get my oven glove, but my body decided to ignore my brain, and I found myself attempting to pull the tray from the oven with my bare hand, OUCH!!!! Why, oh why did I not follow my brain's instruction and put on a flipping oven glove!! I had lost heat from the oven so I had to let it heat up again. While I waited, I stood holding an ice cube between my thumb and forefinger; it worked a treat!

Finally the biscuits could go into the oven and they cooked for almost 20 minutes. When I checked on them a few were a bit singed, but on the whole they looked good. Mary Berry mentions on the recipe header that these oat rounds are first cousin to the digestive biscuit, with added oats. I have to agree, they are indeed very similar to a digestive biscuit, of which I am a big fan. As they contain oats they are very moreish and one or two just isn't enough. The biscuits are not exciting to look at nor is the flavour particularly overwhelming. They are, however, perfect with a cup of tea or coffee and Neil can vouch that they are good dunking biscuits and apparently hold their shape well! They are easy to make apart from the rolling out issue. To be fair, though, it was a hot day so that can't have helped!
Full of oaty goodness!

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