Monday, 26 September 2011

Apple and Cinnamon Cake

Recipe Number Ninety Four:  Page 89.

The main reason I decided to bake this apple and cinnamon cake this weekend was due to my in-laws bringing us a bag of apples from their garden. How lovely to bake a cake knowing how fresh the fruit is. My little boy had been poorly the previous day; thankfully he was by now on the mend. As I should probably have predicted, I had a thumping headache and was feeling more achy with each passing hour – uh-oh! As I had been so looking forward to this cake I still wanted to persevere and the thought of a slice of warm apple cake with custard helped to spur me on!

I measured lots of butter and muscovado sugar into a bowl. Eggs were the next ingredient to be added; I am glad I remembered to break the eggs into a separate bowl first. The first egg I broke had an unsightly lump floating in the egg white. I gagged at the sight and screwed my eyes tightly shut as I tipped it down the sink, yuck! I gingerly broke the rest of the eggs and breathed a sigh of relief that they were perfectly normal! After adding the eggs, I needed to include some walnuts and sultanas. I have gone through an awful lot of walnuts lately, mainly due to the fact that I keep nibbling on them. At least they are good for me! Last of all I added the flour and baking powder. I gave the mixture a good old whisk until everything was well combined and then spread half of the mixture into my lined cake tin. Next came the exciting part of adding the apples. When I had first seen this recipe I had just assumed that the apples would be sliced. However, they needed to be grated. After I'd added a thick layer of grated apple over the cake mixture, I sprinkled a small amount of cinnamon over the top. As I scooped the remaining cake mixture out of the bowl and smoothed it over the apple, I noticed that the juice was happily leaking out of the bottom of the tin. I'd had to use a spring form tin as my variety of tins is limited. I hastily mopped up the juice and quickly put the cake into the oven with a baking tray underneath. I kept checking on the cake, but thankfully no more juice escaped. I think the heat from the oven must have helped to seal it!

After the cake had been in the oven for an hour, I placed some foil over it as it was going quite brown and still wasn't quite cooked through. It took an hour and twenty minutes before I felt confident that it was cooked. I find it hard to judge this when a cake has soft fruit such as apple in it. I left the cake to cool for around ten minutes before tipping it out onto a wire rack. It was a bit touch and go getting the cake to exit the tin; I felt sure it was going to fall apart! I got there in the end and my only complaint was one of the sides was a little burnt. Once the cake was cold I dusted it with icing sugar, I think I was a little heavy handed with my dusting!

By the time I came to have a huge slice with custard later that evening my head was still pounding, but somehow I managed a mouthful of cake! In fact I managed to eat every last crumb. This has to be at the top of my favourite list and Neil's too. The sponge was moist and at its best served warm. The apples gave a delicious sweet tang and the cinnamon gave it warmth. I think having the combination of walnuts, cinnamon and apples makes this a comforting bake for an autumn or winter’s day.

It was only when I came to write about this bake that I realised that I had forgotten to sprinkle some muscovado sugar and walnuts over the top of the cake before it went into the oven. I am forgetful at the best of times, but I blame this entirely on feeling rotten! Somehow I think I will be making this again, so next time I will make sure I don't forget. I expect their addition would make this cake even more delicious!
Yes -  I really did eat that huge slice!!


  1. Wow that looks amazing Anneliese I have Dylan's school secretary coming over for lunch tomorrow I think i'm going to make this in a mo xxx

  2. Thanks Jo. My goodness it is moreish! What a lovely treat for Dylan's school secretary - when I was a school secretary I never got such yummy goodies!! xxx