Thursday, 8 September 2011

Cut and Come Again Cake

Recipe Number Eighty Six:  Page 90

This cake was the runaway winner of the vote on my Facebook page. As it had proved so popular I really was looking forward to trying this recipe. Mary says the name 'cut and come again' is traditionally given to a cake that is so delicious that everyone will come back for another slice. Well, what more convincing do you need?! This particular recipe is for a light fruit cake – I am not overly keen on light fruit cakes as I personally prefer the dark, moist and sticky version. However, with the promise of it being a cut and come again cake, I did have high expectations!

As my mum is staying with us, I was able to start baking mid afternoon whilst Isaac entertained his Granny. I could quite get used to this set up!! The recipe was very simple and easy to follow, as always. I tipped some flour and mixed spice into a bowl. Unfortunately I was a bit over enthusiastic with the mixed spice and quite a lot landed on top of the flour. I did spend some time picking out the excess!! To the bowl of flour and spice, I added softened butter and sugar. By this point I realised that I should in fact be using my largest mixing bowl. I made the transfer to the larger bowl and tutted at myself for adding to the washing up. A mixture of dried fruit was the next thing to be added. I used value bags of fruit as they are substantially cheaper than branded. The only problem I find with value is that the fruit can be quite stalky! When adding the currants I couldn't help but notice some good sized stalks still attached to the fruit. I tried to ignore it, but soon found myself picking through all the currants, pulling off the stalks!! The next job was to beat several eggs and pour into the bowl along with a little milk. That was all of the ingredients; all that was left to do was give it a good mix. I couldn't believe how straightforward this fruit cake was to make; surely it was easier to make my own rather than trudge to a supermarket to buy one?

I spooned the thick but pale mixture into my deep cake tin and popped it into the oven. I pondered what to do with myself whilst it cooked for just over an hour. I glanced across at the overflowing laundry basket, full of ironing. I blinked hard but it was still there when I looked again. Hey ho! After a tedious hour spent ironing, I took a break to check on my cake. I decided to put some foil over the top as it was starting to burn. In the end the cake took 1 hour and 20 minutes in the oven. I was a bit worried as it looked overdone. After a few minutes cooling in the tin, I tipped the cake out onto a wire rack to cool completely. My mum was very impressed by the size and shape of the cake and I felt pleased too. Once the cake was cold we could have a taste. When cutting the cake, I found it to be very firm and it did appear dry. The flavour was good; I liked the hint of mixed spice and the sweetness of the dried fruits. I felt it was missing glace cherries; I love them in fruit cakes. It did taste perhaps a little on the dry side, but then I am more used to the moist, heavily fruited cakes. My mum, who is a keen fruit cake taster, really enjoyed it and Isaac was allowed a little nibble. He was most upset when he wasn't allowed to eat the entire cake. I am taking that as a compliment!
Just need a cup of tea to go with it!


  1. Looks Fantastic Anneliese, my friends hubby loves a fruit cake maybe i'll have a go at this one for them at the weekend xx

  2. Oh my it is cut and come again. I will be cutting the pieces and coming back again and again for more.

  3. That looks lovely. I keep meaning to try that recipe. I think I will at the weekend.

  4. I Meant to say I picked it because my Auntie Rose used to make it all the time!! Bless her x

  5. Thanks Jo, I am sure your friends hubby would love it and it is so easy to make. xx

    Hello and welcome Sensible Cooking :-)- thanks for your lovely comments.

    Thanks Nel, it was really good - have a go and please let me know what you make of it.

    How lovely Nina - your Auntie Rose obviously couldn't get enough of this cake!! x

  6. That looks like a delicious fruit cake :-) Like you I normally prefer the dark, richer types of fruit cake but that looks really appealing! Perfect with a cup of tea x

  7. Thank you Nicola :-) It was indeed perfect with a cup of tea! I am looking forward to trying a richer Mary Berry fruit cake - should be good! xx