Monday, 5 September 2011

Key Lime Pie

Recipe Number Eighty Four:  Page 385.

I have been meaning to try this particular recipe for quite some time. It has caught my eye on a few occasions but, for one reason or another, I had yet to get round to it. However, there comes a time when you can resist no more. I have never made a key lime pie before. Other than knowing that it must contain limes, I had no idea what to expect.

Before making a start in the kitchen, I needed to go shopping to get the required ingredients. I love the flavour of limes but have never actually bought them before. Some were dark green and others were a much lighter shade, I wasn't sure which was considered to be ripe. I judged their ripeness purely on how soft the limes were. I felt I had little choice other than to give them a good old squeeze! I also needed to buy some digestive biscuits. Although I didn't actually need that many, I couldn't resist buying the 25% extra free packet; I felt sure they would get eaten! After getting plenty of things I probably didn't need I trudged home with the fit to burst bags.

I decided to make the key lime pie late that evening. It appeared to be an easy and quick recipe so I thought I would make it up just before bed and then leave it in the fridge overnight to set. The first task was to make the biscuit base. It was pretty much the same as for a cheesecake. I had to bash up some biscuits, melt some butter and mix together, but on this occasion I also needed to include a very small amount of demerara sugar. I pressed the biscuity mixture into a deep cake tin. Mary doesn't seem to like a thick biscuit base, so I only had enough to cover the bottom of the tin thinly, plus a bit for the sides.

I needed quite a lot of lime juice. I have never juiced limes before and couldn't resist licking a finger. I quickly discovered that the juice is as sharp as that of lemons and can also locate a cut on a finger just as easily! To the lime juice I added a can of condensed milk and a lot of double cream! Fattening, just how I like it!!! I poured the thick creamy mixture on top of the set biscuit base. I of course felt forced to lick out the bowl; it was a little sharp, but tasted wonderful!

I made room in the over flowing fridge for my pie and then carried on licking out the bowl and any spoons which might still have a trace of mixture left on them. I found the creamy lime flavour quite addictive! The next morning I couldn't wait to finish my key lime pie. All I needed to do was whip up a small amount of double cream, yes more cream!! As I only needed a little of this I used a balloon whisk; even with my weak little wrist it took no time at all to whip the cream into soft peaks! I pulled the key lime pie out of the fridge and spread the cream over the top. The layer of cream was very thin; I barely had enough to cover the top of the pie. Last of all I sprinkled some grated lime rind over the top for a pretty finishing touch.

It was no good. I couldn't wait any longer for a taste. I cut a generous slice and dived straight in. Oh dear it really was too yummy! I think this is now my favourite recipe from the Baking Bible. How can you beat a crumbly buttery biscuit base and a light, but creamy filling with the zing of lime? Neil agreed that this was a real winner; neither of us could resist it! It was so easy peasy to make and tasted delicious. As I have so many more recipes yet to make, I am not sure when I will get to make this again. This is a shame as I already have the urge for another slice!
Wish there was some left!


  1. You've managed it again 2 beauties, I want to bake both right now xx

  2. Aww, thanks Jo, so pleased you like the look of them. They are both worth trying, yum! xx

  3. That looks so good Anneliese, I love key lime pie! Makes me want to make it right now :-)

  4. Thank you Nicola :-) I hope you make it, you won't regret it!