Thursday, 29 December 2011

Rich Cheesy Biscuits

Recipe Number One Hundred & Thirty Eight:  Page 210.

Another Christmas has been and gone and I doubt I'm the only one now regretting over indulging on mince pies and chocolates. The buttons on my trousers are feeling more than a little strained and I am sure I've gained an extra chin!! I decided to limit my weekly Facebook Poll to lighter and hopefully healthier options to give my round body a rest! These cheesy biscuits crossed the finishing line in first place; obviously others are also longing for something savoury. I realise that cheese isn't a particularly healthy option. However, I think you will agree that it has to be better than chocolate truffles and half a box of Cadbury's Roses.

I've enjoyed a few days off over the festive season but it was nice to get back into the swing of things and get baking again. As we were staying with my parents when I made these little biscuits, it took me some time to find all that I should need; things are never where I remember them to be. The three baking trays I found had seen better days. Later, after I had finished my baking, I discovered some much nicer ones hidden away!

First of all I weighed the plain flour. I then tipped it into a sieve along with a small amount of salt and mustard powder. I am not a lover of mustard but the amount was so teeny tiny I doubted that the flavour would overwhelm the cheese. Once the dry ingredients had been sieved into a mixing bowl, I needed to rub in a good amount of butter. Mary doesn't mention that the butter should be soft, so I used it straight from the fridge. As my fingers were a little chilly, it took some time to work it into the flour! These biscuits certainly live up to their name; I was quite shocked by the quantity of cheese required. Grating is not my favourite pastime, which is a bit of shame as I was grating for some time! Exhausted, I moved on to mixing in a couple of beaten eggs. I very nearly made the mistake of tipping the eggs in all in one go. However, I'm told only to use enough to create a soft dough and reserve a little for glazing. The dough seemed a bit dry to start with but soon became soft and manageable. The next instruction was to wrap the dough in cling film and then chill it in the fridge for about fifteen minutes. I used this time to locate a suitable cutter. I couldn't find a plain round cutter but I did manage to locate one with a fluted edge – I think a fluted edge is prettier anyway!

It was soon time to start the job of rolling out the chilled dough. It was surprisingly easy to work with and very therapeutic. Soon I had my cheesy biscuits all cut out and laid out on their well used baking trays. I used a finger to wipe on the remaining egg. This appeared to do the job just as well as a pastry brush and was one less thing to wash up! Sesame or poppy seeds are suggested for sprinkling over the biscuits. I have never used poppy seeds before, so I was keen to put them to the test. I was a bit heavy handed with my sprinkling to start with but I did manage to reign myself in a bit towards the end!

The biscuits didn't require long in the oven, just ten to fifteen minutes. When peering through the oven door to check, I was worried as the trays were bubbling with what appeared to be melted butter. When the biscuits were cooked and out of the oven they were sitting in a puddle of grease, yum! The cheesy biscuits were easy to transfer onto a wire rack to cool and were not soggy as I had expected them to be. I couldn't resist trying one whilst still warm and a second soon found its way to my mouth! The outside of the biscuit had a delicious crunch while the inside was light and melted in the mouth. The flavour was indeed very cheesy and rich; there was just the merest hint of mustard.

Neil likened the biscuits in flavour to the popular mini cheddars and couldn't stop eating them. The rest of my family also seem to have started a new addiction. They said no other cheese biscuit will ever live up to these!! Considering all of the the cheese these contain and how many I consumed perhaps the truffles might be better for me after all!!!!!
Irresistible cheesy biscuits!


  1. These looks so tasty. Yes I know cheese is really fattening. Ive been baking alot of flapjacks and brownies that ive gained 5kg lool but doesn't really show lool, will bake these once I lose these extra pounds lool x

  2. Anneliese I know the feeling, I'm going out tonight for my lovely step-mums birthday and have no idea what to wear, my tummy is making all sorts of groaning noises if I so much walk near the chocolate tin LOL I think savoury is the way to go XXX

  3. They look really tasty! I might just have to give these a go over the weekend - not that I need any extra fattening recipes, but these look so good! xx

  4. I feel your pain Julieta! All of this baking is making me porky! I shouldn't worry as we all put on a few extra pounds at this time of year. xx

    Have a wonderful time tonight Jo - I hope you found something to wear! My clothes are sooo tight it's rather depressing!Hope your step-mum has a lovely birthday. xxx

    Thank you Nicola :-) They are really worth making but won't help the waistline! xxx

  5. What type of cheese did you use like the brand?? it's my dad bday on saturday and I would like to make them.. I'm too a bit sick of sugary food wouldn't mind something savoury xx :)

  6. Hi Julieta I used Mature Cathedral Cheddar. These biscuits would make a lovely birthday pressie. I'm sure your Dad would be thrilled. It was such a nice change to have something savoury!!! xx

  7. Thanks, I made these. It taste really delicious and I'm gonna bake these again when I have time :). Thanks for posting this recipe, it really motivated me to bake these chessy biscuits :) xx